Delta employee vaccination rates rise to 90% as federal obligations approach

The gate agent is Delta Air Lines Inc, located at San Diego International Airport (SAN) in San Diego, California, USA, on Monday, April 27, 2020. Assist travelers with bag drop counters.

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Delta Air Lines A few weeks before the company charged non-firing staff $ 200 a month, 90% of its approximately 80,000 employees said they had been vaccinated against Covid-19 on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, about 85% of staff were vaccinated, said Ed Bastian, CEO of Atlanta-based airlines.

Bastian said Wednesday that he expects the rate to rise to about 95% by early November.

The latest aggregates disclosed in the quarterly earnings announcement require federal contractor employees to be vaccinated against Covid unless the airline can provide a legitimate religious or medical reason for exemption. This is because we are working on the Biden administration’s rule that we must.

American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Jetblue Airlines When Alaska AirlinesLike Delta, it’s a federal contractor to fly civil servants and provide other services, but for the past few weeks, employees have been obliged to comply with their obligations and vaccinated to stay there unless they are exempt. I’m telling the staff that I need to get vaccinated. This means that staff must be fully vaccinated by December 8th.

Delta has not made such an announcement to its staff.

“It’s working and we’re proud that people are stepping up and making the right decisions,” Bastian said in an interview with CNBC’s squawk box on Wednesday. .. “We don’t do it on mandates. We work with our people to do it, trust our people to make the right decisions for themselves, and their Respect decisions, but at the same time avoid the division of what mandates are raising in a society. “

Southwestern and American pilot unions have fought their mission, saying they are not anti-vaccines. The United Pilots Association, an American pilot union, wrote to the White House and lawmakers last month asking for a pilot exemption, but the Southwest pilots union last week asked a Texas court to block it.

United Airlines He issued his own mandate in August and threatened to dismiss those who had not been vaccinated by September 27. Currently, more than 96% of US employees are vaccinated, he said.

On Tuesday, Texas-based airlines American Airlines and Southwest Airlines will be obliged to provide federal vaccines. Replace Texas Governor Greg Abbott bans businesses and others from requiring employees to vaccinate.

Delta employee vaccination rates rise to 90% as federal obligations approach

Source link Delta employee vaccination rates rise to 90% as federal obligations approach

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