Demand for COVID-19 Vaccine Declines – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-05-28 08:13:40 –

Jaysha Anderson-Kaili was vaccinated with Alasha (14 years old) and Pika (15 years old) attending Waiakea High, and Princess (12 years old) at Waiakea Intermediate School. (Provided by HMC)

The final vaccination clinic for the first dose of Pfizer vaccine at Kona Community Hospital is Friday, May 28th.

The second dose will be given at KCH on June 17th. KCH completed its weekly mass vaccine clinic at the Kona Aquatic Center Gym on May 20th.

“The sharp drop in community demand has made it impossible to devote resources and time to the clinic,” said Judy Donovan, a spokeswoman for KCH.

As of Monday, May 24, 52% of Hawaii County residents have been fully vaccinated. Ministry of Public HealthApproximately 66% of residents have been vaccinated at least once.

“There are still many people who need vaccination,” Donovan said. “It’s not feasible to do it in small increments because you need to get your employees back to their original jobs.”

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The Hiro Medical Center has also completed a large-scale clinic. At five hospital-sponsored clinics, HMC spokeswoman Elena Kabatu said 17,000 injections were given.

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Cabatu also noted a declining demand for vaccines in East Hawaii.

“I used to plan two and a half to three weeks away, but now it’s only a few days away,” she said.

However, Hiro’s Ark is still accepting reservations. According to Cabatu, some parents are still adults and are vaccinated with their children.

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“I don’t know how long the clinic will last,” Cabatu said of the Arc of Hilo surgery. “We are starting to talk about how to shrink it and what indicators it can be.”

Kabatu said the local clinics in Keaau and Kau continue to provide vaccines. Johnson & Johnson vaccines are available in Keaau and Moderna is used in Kau clinics.

Donovan said he believes the new coronavirus vaccine will eventually be treated in the clinic, just as influenza vaccinations are provided to patients.

Donovan believes the community is returning to normal life, but “hasn’t been there yet.”

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Demand for COVID-19 Vaccine Declines Source link Demand for COVID-19 Vaccine Declines

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