Democrat Joe Manchin opposes weakening filibuster

Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) Asked Senator Lloyd Austin, a former Secretary of Defense candidate for President Joe Biden, when confirmed by the Senate Military Commission on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. To do.

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Sen. Joe Manchin He said he would not vote to eliminate or undermine filibuster under any circumstances and would likely bring close efforts to lower the barriers to the president’s passage. Joe BidenParliamentary agenda with only Democratic votes.

The moderate West Virginia Democratic Party said, “It’s time to end these political games and usher in a new era of transpartisanism that finds a common ground in the major policy debates our country is facing. “. Editorial at The Washington Post It was released on Wednesday.

Filibuster generally requires a law to win 60 votes in the Senate, which is evenly divided 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans.Democrats are fishing to remove or change filibuster — former president Barack Obama Called Jim Crow’s relics — to pass a radical election reform bill.

Manchin has reiterated his opposition to eliminating filibuster, but has recently appeared to embrace reforms, including having a senator who calls for filibuster speak long on the Senate floor. It was.

Biden, another supporter of filibuster, expressed his tolerance for the idea, saying, “Once upon a time, it was when I first returned to the Senate.”

Manchin’s complete refusal to reform the filibuster happened the day after another moderate Senator Kyrsten Sinema told The Wall Street Journal. Opposition efforts to relax the rules..

Manchin, who has great influence as a result of the equal division in the Senate, also opposed the regular use of budget adjustments, a mechanism that allows Congress to pass certain bills in the majority. Said.

The $ 1.9 trillion Covid bailout bill has been passed by a settlement, and Democrats are preparing to use this process to guarantee the passage of Biden’s $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan. Mr Manchin said he opposes raising the corporate tax included in the bill.

Manchin said that if filibuster is abolished or budget adjustments become the norm, “new and dangerous precedents that change the direction of the country every time political control changes pass widespread and partisan law. It will be like that. “

“The consequences will be serious. Our country will never see stable governance,” Manchin wrote.

“I simply don’t believe that budget adjustments should replace the normal order of the Senate. How good is it for the future of the country?” Manchin added. “Senator Democrats must avoid the temptation to abandon Republican colleagues on important national issues, but Republicans stop saying no and take part in finding a true compromise with Democrats. responsible.”

Mr Manchin said his opposition to weakening filibuster was related to representatives of West Virginia, a small state that exerts influence in a population-imbalanced Senate.

“It’s no coincidence that a small state like West Virginia has as many senators as California and Texas. It’s at the heart of a typical government,” Manchin wrote.

Manchin opposed efforts to eliminate filibuster of Democratic-led cabinet-level candidates and federal judges in 2013 and Republican-led filibuster of Supreme Court candidates in 2017. Both efforts were successful.

“Every time the Senate has resolved to reduce filibuster in the last decade, political dysfunction and traffic congestion have become more serious,” Manchin wrote. “The political games playing in the Parliamentary Hall only fuel the hateful rhetoric and violence we are seeing across our country right now.”

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Democrat Joe Manchin opposes weakening filibuster

Source link Democrat Joe Manchin opposes weakening filibuster

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