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Georgia prosecutor Donald Trump Others influencing last year’s general election are sending messages to those who want to know if the former president will be prosecuted.

“I’m not in a hurry,” said Fulton County District Attorney. Fani Willis He said in an interview with the Associated Press this week. “I think people think I’m feeling this great pressure. I don’t.”

Democrat Willis, elected in November, sent a letter to state officials on February 10 to keep records related to elections, especially those that may contain evidence of attempts to affect election authorities. Instructed. But she said this week she didn’t know where the investigation would go or how long it would take.

Her office confirmed that the investigation included a phone call that Trump urged Georgia Secretary of State. Blood Lafence “Find” enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state.Willis also said he had questions about calling Sen, USA. Lindsey Graham A statement made to the Lafence Purger in front of the sudden departure of the Supreme Federal Prosecutor and the Georgia Legislative Commission.

Kate Bramback reported to the Associated Press, Democrats and several Republicans accused Trump of calling on Rafence Purger, and some critics said the recording was evidence of criminal election interference. Said. State and federal officials have repeatedly stated that the elections were safe and there was no evidence of organized fraud.

In a letter to state officials, Willis said her office “possibly violated Georgian law prohibiting solicitation of election fraud, false statements to state and local government agencies, plots, extortion, and oath of office. He wrote that he had begun a criminal investigation into the “breach.” Involvement in violence or intimidation related to oath of office and election administration. “

After a coronavirus-related suspension, two grand juries will be seated next week, allowing prosecutors to seek subpoenas.

After the November general election, Trump refused to accept a loss of about 12,000 votes in Georgia.He and his allies made widespread unfounded allegations of fraudulent voting and insulted the government’s La Fence Purger. Brian Kemp And Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan – All Republicans – because he didn’t act to reverse his loss.

During a call with Rafence, Trump also Byung J ParkThe US lawyer appointed to Trump in Atlanta was a “never Trump” term often used by Trump’s conservative critics. Park suddenly announced his resignation the day after the phone was released. He has never publicly explained his departure.

“I think it’s especially unique how he left and when he left,” Willis said of Puck. “That’s what I have to ask to get my job done right. It’s logical.”

Democratic minimum wage of $ 15 threatened after Senate ruling – LiveUpdate | US News

Source link Democratic minimum wage of $ 15 threatened after Senate ruling – LiveUpdate | US News

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