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After watching for almost 6 months Republican Democrats were hit hard on Tuesday by relentlessly making voting in the United States difficult after Republican senators used the legislature to suspend voting rights and ethics bills altogether.

Voting does not kill the bill, but it marks one of the most important setbacks for Democratic Party During the previous term of President Joe Biden. Democratic Party Even if he knew it was unlikely to get a Republican vote, he foretold the bill as a top priority. The bill represents the most significant expansion of the right to vote across generations, requires early voting and automatic and same-day registration, and prohibits excessive manipulation of constituency boundaries. This is a process often called gerrymandering.

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It was not an unexpected result.The Democratic Party manages only 50 seats in the Senate, and the procedural rules are FilibusterUnless there are 60 votes, most bills will prevent a full debate on the floor.A handful of Democratic senators, especially Joe Manchin, West Virginia Kyrsten Cinema, Arizona, supported keeping filibusters in place and said it would help ensure that minorities have a say. But while the rules remain, Democrats have virtually no opportunity to pass a radical voting rights law.

Democratic senators are worried that Democrats who control both Congress and the White House may not be able to use their power to thwart what many experts are seeing. I’m in a swamp now. Openly anti-democratic Efforts by Republicans across the country to make post-election voting difficult, with record turnout, including soaring turnout Blacks, Asian Americans, Hispanic voters..

Republicans have passed these measures with a majority of parties in state capitols across the United States, despite accusing the Democrats of acting with a partisan intention to pass electoral reform. did.

Senator Raphael Warnock: “Voting rights protect all other rights.” Photo: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Georgia’s Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock has severely criticized Republican colleagues for not even allowing them to vote on the bill in the Senate.

“Sure, some of my Republican friends believe we should be able to discuss voting rights, at least in this room,” he said. “Voting rights protect all other rights, and are more hypocritical than exercising minority rights in the Senate as an excuse to prevent debate about how to maintain minority rights in society. What’s the irony? “

Tuesday’s vote on whether to allow discussions on the bill is widespread as a ploy to pressure Republicans to take a public position on the bill and moderate Democrats, including Manchin and Cinema. Was seen.

In a statement hours before the vote, the White House provided a frank assessment of the attack on voting rights across the United States. “Democracy is at stake,” he urged Senators to support the bill.

“This will start the next phase of the fight,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United and Let America Vote, a group running a $ 30 million campaign to support the bill. “If someone had nickel every time they wrote’this bill is dead’, it would have been enough to fund the entire campaign. People keep counting this bill and these efforts all year round. And I haven’t really seen what’s happening all over the country. “

Nsé Ufot, CEO of the Georgia-based group New Georgia Project, has worked for years to mobilize voters in the state, but strives to put pressure on the White House senators against the bill. Asked to strengthen.

“Where is the fight?” She said. “I understand that the focus is on the House of Councilors, the House of Councilors, and the collegiality … [but] Collegiality at the expense of actually getting things done, collegiality at the expense of maintaining the ability of Americans to participate in our elections, seems to be going in the wrong direction. “

It’s not clear what the road ahead will look like.Manchin released last week compromise This means making the election date a federal holiday, requiring two weeks of early voting, allowing automatic registration at the car office, and the state notifying voters seven days in advance of the polling place change. We have maintained some of the most important provisions of the bill, such as requiring that. .. However, this proposal includes a voter ID requirement that allows for more aggressive voter purges and does not require the state to create a separate constituency change committee.

Manchin moved to vote on the Democratic Party on Tuesday to advance the bill. This is a sign of encouragement to bill supporters who further emphasize Republican sabotage.

“These rational changes have moved the bill forward and moved it to a controversial place on the Senate floor,” Manchin said in a statement. “Unfortunately, my Republican colleagues have argued this law, despite rational changes made to focus on the major issues facing our democracy. I refused to allow it. “

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has ensured that procedural votes on People's Law will not be supported by the Republicans.
Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has ensured that procedural votes on People’s Law will not be supported by the Republicans. Photo: Rex / Shutterstock

Republicans are unlikely to come across Manchin’s compromise.And Barack Obama Approved In Monday’s compromise, more than 20 civil rights groups, including the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Black Voter issue, said the proposal was inadequate.

“Senator Manchin’s compromise has not adequately addressed the more than 400 voter restraints introduced across the country,” they wrote. Joint statement.. “The most damaging thing is the negligence of protection for voters who were previously imprisoned and affected by justice. Voters with disabilities; blacks and all marginalized voters. With the Conservatives of Senator Manchin. There was no sign that he was able to secure Republican support from the reports of his conversation. [the legislation] This is disappointing for many activists seeking to pass the bill. “

It is also not clear that the Democratic Party is planning ways to avoid filibuster. Manchin personally left the door open to lower the voting threshold needed to overcome filibuster, but has stuck to his commitment to the rules. Cinema, another stubborn supporter of filibuster, is also Editorial She promised to keep the procedure, she said in the Washington Post on Monday evening.

Mueller pointed out the Senate’s August recess as a deadline to pass the bill when many states plan to start drawing constituencies in the next decade. Republicans control the constituency change process in many states, and lawmakers are free to manipulate the constituencies to gain significant election advantage if the bill’s anti-gerrymandering clause is not in place.

“We literally see this very direct weakening of our democracy, and if it isn’t checked, I’m very worried about the future of our democracy.” She said.

Nearly 500 state legislators Wrote a letter to the Senate leader I begged them to pass a drastic bill on Tuesday.

“We have worked with Republican colleagues many times to try to set policies that safely and reliably expand voting access, but they simply refuse to act in good faith.” They write. “We have no choice. We need your help.”

Democrats Go Ahead After Voting Bill Hits Senate Obstacles | US News

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