Democrats have set a 48-hour deadline for U.S. stimulus negotiations

Nancy Pelosi said the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives was enthusiastic about the aid of the coronavirus to Republican officials, and if they pass before the election, stimulus measures must be agreed within the next 48 hours.

Ms. Pelosi will meet with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday, trying to break the gap between the proposed bailouts, which could amount to about $ 2 trillion.

The pair has been negotiating for weeks on the latest proposals that are likely to include increased unemployment benefits, with the aim of mitigating the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The pair spoke for over an hour on Saturday, after which Ms. Pelosi said she had not yet agreed on what the bill should say about testing and protecting the minority community.

She told ABC News on Sunday: “We haven’t agreed on a language yet, but I have hope.”

Pelosi added the 48-hour deadline first mentioned by Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hanmil on Saturday night: “48 only matters if you want to get it done before the election.

“But we’re telling them, we have to freeze some of these designs. Whether we use it, and what the language is? But I’m optimistic because we’ve been to all of this many times. “

US President Donald Trump is equally optimistic about recent stimulus measures, saying he is ready to offer more than $ 1.8 trillion proposed by the White House on Thursday. Ms. Pelosi wants to inject $ 2.2 trillion into the economy and has passed a bill to do so through the democratically controlled House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, the economic damage to the pandemic continues to grow, with unemployment rates last week showing that nearly 900,000 people have requested new unemployment benefits. Many are concerned that economic conditions could worsen in the winter, and with the increasing number of new cases and hospitalizations, a new wave of the disease is already involving the United States. It has been suggested.

However, the main obstacle to trading is Senate Republicans, who continue to seek much smaller packages.

Nancy Pelosi: “We haven’t agreed on a language yet, but I have hope.” © REUTERS

Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said Saturday that he would vote for an independent paycheck protection program to support small businesses this week, as well as a small vote of $ 500 billion.

Mr Mnuchin and the president’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, called last week to urge Republican senators and the White House to support the offer.

But they faced the opposite. “Currently, I’m not willing to use the White House number or house number,” said Lamar Alexander, a Republican senator in Tennessee.

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