Democrats Lost Texas Due to Covid and Republican Voter Motivation, Report Finds | Texas

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Voting efforts hampered by the coronavirus pandemic and the 11-hour surge in voter registration of well-funded Republicans thwarted the blue wave ambitions in Texas during the 2020 elections, the state said. According to a new post-mortem report Democratic Party Share with Guardian.

“The majority of Texas people will vote for Democrats if they’re in the ballot box. The problem is that Republicans are more likely to get results,” said Hudson Cabana. Texas Democratic Data Science Director who produced the post-election report.

Texas created a big buzz last year. Rapid increase in early voting Many of the people wondered if the votes of the 38 electoral colleges would finally be available. Still, former President Donald Trump still won by more than five points. This is a presidential election far closer than any other president in recent years, but it strengthens the Republican Party as the state’s main party.

Currently, Democrats are blaming last fall’s defeat primarily for programmatic difficulties. This allowed Republicans to be the best in their voting operations. “Texas is still the next frontier,” said Abhi Rahman, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Texas.

Despite record turnout in 2020, Texas ranked 44th out of 50 states From the perspective of voting, which is counted as a percentage of the total voting qualification population, According to the US Election Project. High participation of Asian voters showed a “major change,” but still “voters were whiter than expected,” Cabana said in an analysis.

Latin Americans, who are considered important demographics to move Texas to the left, also outperform turnout expectations. However, Latin Republicans vote with higher turnout than Latin Democrats, and the difference in turnout is that Democrats have lost their place in one of the most important blocks and are often grouped together as monoliths. I made a false impression.

One exception was the Rio Grande Valley, a typical Democratic hub with Latino Americans. In fact, I was more drawn to the playing cards at the top of the ticket..

“Latin voters continue to strongly support the Democratic Party,” but the party needs to “empower the Latin voice with a ballot box,” Cavanagh wrote in his report.

In addition to Texas’ reputation as a voter oppressor – based on Voter ID requirements, Difficult registration process, balloting restrictions, and other barriers – Covid-19 added yet another obstacle to Texas voters in 2020. Polling place closed for infected workers, While Long line of Component People who did not need to wear a mask were at risk of being exposed to the virus.

“It took a lot of courage for many of these Democrats who understood the risk that they were putting themselves in to vote,” Cavanagh told the Guardian. “Frankly, I’m incredibly proud of the people who did it.”

During the public health crisis, Texas Democrats opposed knocking on doors for direct involvement with voters because “at least one life was lost,” Cabana said. It was. Republicans, on the other hand, have direct ties to voters and have obvious advantages in one of the few states that still have inhabitants. I can’t register for online voting..

The massive push of Republicans registering new voters in the last few months leading up to the election has long honed Democrats, especially given that almost all of those new Republican registrations have turned into net votes. We have wiped out the gradual benefits that have come.

“Their willingness to put people at risk to win the election, as you know, made it really hard for us to catch up,” said Cavanagh.

Democratic Party Virtual registration drive And in telephone banking, they spent too much time talking to trusted party members who would have voted regardless. Similarly, the lack of contact information for young, rural Texas and voters made it difficult to reach out to voters who were unlikely to vote.

It is estimated that there are still more than 2 million solid Democratic unregistered voters in the state, and Cavanagh says the party needs to focus on their registration and actually build relationships and participate in voting. Stated.

“We know that’s the way the Democrats win across the country,” he said. “We look in people’s eyes, convey our values, and convey what we believe in. That’s how we bring results to people.”

Democrats Lost Texas Due to Covid and Republican Voter Motivation, Report Finds | Texas

Source link Democrats Lost Texas Due to Covid and Republican Voter Motivation, Report Finds | Texas

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