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Democrats, Republicans take key step in passing tech bill – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Washington DC — The shortage of computer chips continues to affect supply chains and people’s notebooks.

But Congress may be on the verge of a major breakthrough. Democrats and Republicans have gathered to pass a large bill by the end of summer.

What is the invoice?

The bill is officially called the US Innovation Competition Law.

The House and Senate have passed their own bills to fund scientific research, innovation, and manufacturing.

On Thursday, the first of several meeting committee hearings on the bill took place.

What does that mean?

The meeting committee meets when the House of Representatives and the Senate come together to resolve the differences between the two and develop one bill that could soon become a law.

This is a process that is only used if the parliamentarians on either side of the aisle are serious about passing something.

The committee has more than 100 members of parliament, Democrats and Republicans. They ask questions such as “Is $ 52 billion the right amount to support the tip industry?”

This is the amount included in the CHIPS Act, which passed the Senate last year but is not yet legislated by itself.

However, this bill is more than just a computer chip.

It is to compete with China and invest in science and supply chain in the long run.

“This is a rare opportunity to revitalize our economy,” D-CO Senator John Hickenlooper said at the beginning of the hearing.

“The competition we have with China is different from what we have experienced,” said Senator John Cornyn of R-TX.

But the details are really important because it’s a very large invoice.

Controversial amendments to climate change and trade unions could overturn the law as a whole.

But the president wants to have the invoice on his desk by the end of summer. The White House, struggling with polls, wants a bipartisan victory.

“We will pass a damn bill,” Biden said during a recent visit to Ohio, discussing the legislation and the time it would take for lawmakers to undertake it.

How did it get worse?

Computer chips are often referred to as semiconductors and are often defined in the industry as the “brain of modern electronic devices.”

How much has the chip shortage worsened?

recently Report by the Ministry of Commerce He said there was a supply of less than 5 days on some days for companies that needed them.

Previously, before the pandemic, a 40-day supply was common.

In fact, many manufacturing plants, especially those that manufacture new cars, are facing significant production delays as a result of last year or so.

This is one of the reasons why car prices are so high.

In most cases, the lack of a chip means that there is no new car, as many technologies are standard on new cars.

Democrats, Republicans take key step in passing tech bill Source link Democrats, Republicans take key step in passing tech bill

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