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Bakersfield, California 2021-10-21 21:00:00 –

The primaries are more than a year away, but the most competitive parliamentary election campaign is already underway.

On Thursday, local political advocates demonstrated in front of Congressman David Valadao’s Bakersfield office. Organized by trade unions, the Dolores Huerta Foundation, and members of the Democratic House of Commons campaign committee, the demonstration kicked off what was likely to be a long and fierce political battle.

Alex Garcia, a Wasco city council member who spoke during the demonstration, said: “We want to let (Baradao) know that the community and leaders in this district, the 21st Parliamentary District, are paying attention, and we will hold him responsible for the next election. is.”

About 12 people participated in the demonstration. The demonstration focused primarily on records servicing Latin Americans in Baladao and rural residents in his area.

Baradao of R-Hanford regained a small seat from TJ Cox, the owner of the Fresno region, in the 2020 general election. In the previous election, Cox defeated Baradao with 862 votes out of 113,616 casts, showing a small margin for Republicans and Democrats to seek control of the district.

Each party considers CA-21 essential to retain control of the House of Representatives. Democrats make up the majority of 220-212, which is at risk of diminishing. Especially if the next election follows the historical precedent of a slumping presidential party in the medium term.

However, advocates of local agricultural workers have launched an early campaign to register voters and arouse the enthusiasm to expel Baradao. Of particular interest to the demonstrators were Latin Americans who wanted to meet in the next election.

“Now is the time,” said Dolores Welta, a civil rights icon, in a demonstration. “We all know that we all here in Kern, Turea, and parts of Fresno County have to do whatever we can say” we need to fight for the delegation. ” “

Still, Baradao has proven to be popular among a particular population of the district’s inhabitants, and his campaign opposed the idea that he was not fully serving his members.

“This failed political stunt from the Left Socialist Party does not affect Congressman Baradao’s focus on fulfilling his commitment to Central Valley voters to grow the economy and bring more water to farmers,” said Baradao. Campaign spokesman Andrew Renteria said in an email to the Californians.

Several candidates are lined up to take on Baradao. Most recently, State Congressman Rudy Salas, D-Bakersfield, threw his hat into the ring. Other candidates include former Congressman Nicole Parla, Mayor Delano Brian Osorio, former Dianne Feinstein staff Angel Lara, and Republicans Chris Mathis and Malta Flores Gibson.

“Our community deserves change,” said Connie Perez Andreessen, UFW’s National Vice President. “We shouldn’t think about it later. We need leadership to fight for agricultural workers and Central Valley priorities.”

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Democrats seek to rally Latino voters in attempt to unseat Rep. David Valadao from office | News Source link Democrats seek to rally Latino voters in attempt to unseat Rep. David Valadao from office | News

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