Democrats told the GSA chief that he refused to prove that Biden’s victory was “significantly influential.”

Four U.S. congressional committee chairs reject a formal kick start in the process by confirming that Joe Biden, the presidential elected president, has won the election, as the head of the agency overseeing the presidential transition Requested immediate explanation of why.

In a letter to General Procurement Director Emily Murphy, Oversight Committee Chairman Carolyn Maloney, Expenditure Committee Chairman Nita Lowy, and Subcommittee Chairs Jerry Connolly and Mike Quigley I signed it.

“Your actions to thwart the transitional activities required by law impair the orderly transfer of power, impair the ability of the next administration to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, and address our dire economic crisis. It has serious implications, including hindering our ability to do so and endangering us. National Security. ” The chair asked Murphy to personally explain to them by November 23.

Murphy ever Refused to sign the “confirmation” letter We confirmed that Mr. Biden was the winner of the election. Until Murphy begins the process, the Biden transition team will not be able to meet with current government officials to prepare for the transition or utilize the $ 6.3 million allocated to the process.

President Trump refused to allow the election, and his campaign filed proceedings in several states where Mr. Biden won. Most of these proceedings have been unsuccessful so far.

The GSA argued that Murphy had not signed the confirmation, citing the example of the 2000 election, which delayed the process, due to proceedings in some states disputing the outcome. But in 2000, the two candidates were only a few hundred votes apart in one state. Biden currently has thousands of votes in several states.

“Unlike the post-election controversy of 2000 after the Bush v. Gore case, there is no legitimate path for President Trump, despite the number of unfounded proceedings filed by President Trump and his refusal to make unrelated concessions. “The chairman said in a letter. “He has now lost dozens of proceedings in several states because many of his own attorneys have abandoned his efforts. A valid legal basis for refraining from confirming under the Presidential Transition Act is Absent.”

The letter notes that the GSA confirmed Mr. Trump’s 2016 election winner on November 9, the day after the election day. Biden won 306 electoral votes, the same amount Trump won in 2016.

“We are very patient and can’t wait anymore. As GSA administrators, we have a responsibility to comply with the law and ensure the safety and well-being of the United States and its people. Do not submit to political pressures that violate the law. We endanger the consequences. “

Delaying the transition process can impact national security. The 9/11 Commission report found that the shortening of the post-election transition process in 2000 contributed to the country’s lack of preparedness for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The National Intelligence Service (ODNI) has confirmed that it has not started high. Level briefing for Mr. Biden.

The delay also impacts the future Biden administration’s ability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, as he was unable to meet with current authorities to learn about the status of ongoing programs to deal with the pandemic. May Thursday press conferenceMr. Biden did not rule out legal action against the GSA to force the president’s hand. He also accused the president of refusing to approve the election, saying the American people were “witnessing incredible irresponsibility.”

“It sends a terrifying message about who we are as a nation,” Biden said.

Democrats told the GSA chief that he refused to prove that Biden’s victory was “significantly influential.”

Source link Democrats told the GSA chief that he refused to prove that Biden’s victory was “significantly influential.”

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