Demolition Permit Application Filed for Dominion Hills Mansion – Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas 2021-01-14 09:55:50 –

The dismantling permit application was submitted to 6407 Wilson Blvd, the address associated with the Febrey-Lothrop family over a century ago.

After the submission on Tuesday, the permit has not yet been approved, but county officials have previously passed legally if all paperwork is in place, despite protests by some local conservationists. I said I had to.

Century-turning mansion with colorful history and prominent ex-residents — department store tycoon Alvin Rothrop, businessman and aviator Howard Hughes, local businessman and sportsman Randy Rouse, and actress Audrey Meadows. Honeymooners Fame — Arlington Historical Issues and Landmarks may be demolished after the Review Board has resolved to investigate the historical designation of more than 9 acres of land.

The historic designation process goes against the trust left by Rouse, who died in 2017. Demolition will be carried out after circumventing the restrictions imposed by historical designations.

Sid Simmonds, the Rouse Trust’s leading accountant, did not return a request for comment from ARLnow.

People who want to preserve their dilapidated mansions circulate online petitions.

A petition, created by “passionate conservationist” Tom Dickinson, suspends the issuance of demolition permits in Arlington County, expedites the completion of a local historic district designation survey, and purchases real estate. Or want to “find a buyer”. Who keeps the property for public use? “

The petition also calls for the establishment of “Hillwood Estates, Museums and Gardens” in Arlington for “community enjoyment and for historic tourism and financial gain.”

The petition states that the property is located in the Dominion Hills area near the border between Arlington and Fairfax County.

Febrey-Lothrop-Rouse Real Estate is a unique and large privately held company in Arlington. Built in 1855, it has a long and important history dating back to the Feverly farms and homes. The Fevry family was the most prestigious and famous in the Washington, DC region at the time. It was the site of a large camp for thousands of Union soldiers during the 1861-65 Civil War. The estate was subsequently owned by Alvin Rothrop, co-founder / owner of the Woodward-Rothrop department store chain. The last owner was Randall Frause, who married world-famous actress Audrey Meadows in the 1950s and 1960s. This property was once owned by TWA Airlines. TWA Airlines is owned by Howard Hughes and occasionally stayed at this property. It is important that Arlington protects such unique and unquestionably historic property and preserves it for public access. This is an eternal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support the historic preservation of Arlington County.

As of this morning, the petition has more than 675 signatures.

Demolition Permit Application Filed for Dominion Hills Mansion Source link Demolition Permit Application Filed for Dominion Hills Mansion

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