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Scrolling through my cell phone photos for the last 17 months, I noticed a lot of photos of friends and family drinking coffee and scones at a local cafe.

As the pandemic continued, the morning walk was a fast and easy way to exercise, especially when inspired by the incentive to stop by a nearby cafe for flat whites and latte.

Especially if many gyms aren’t fully open for training yet and quick cups of coffee consumed at outdoor tables are cheaper and safer than most indoor meals in full-service restaurants. , It’s easy to justify luxury.

Breeze Stula, owner of Banyan Breeze Coffee in Waikiki Banyan, said: People are happy to bring their coffee to the beaches and parks outside. “

Stula says her customers, many of them Waikiki workers, are monitoring their spending, not knowing what’s coming next. Still, they are willing to buy coffee for luxury.

Liz Schwartz, owner of Coffee Talk in Kaimuki, says local patrons come for coffee when they want to treat themselves despite difficult times. When you see delicious things like freshly baked almond cinnamon scones in the display case, it’s usually pastry spring.

Coffee is stable, reliable and comfortable. It’s not just a breakfast drink, it’s one of the few entertainments you can count on. Neighboring cafes continued to pour takeaway beer when other eateries closed the door during the blockade.

Sometimes, on the darkest day of the blockade, Coffee Talk Manager Diane Codis was the only person other than my husband I spoke to on a particular lonely occasion.

Liz Schwartz Coffee Covid Denby Column
Liz Schwartz, owner of Coffee Talk in Kaimuki, says her neighborhood patrons still come in for coffee when they want to treat themselves despite difficult times. Denby Faucet / Civil Beat / 2020

“I think we provided a lift for people in the morning. Look forward to something that helps them survive the day,” says Schwartz.

She says her coffee business has grown steadily since January of this year after last year’s financial stress. It’s up to the recent explosion of Covid infections associated with delta variants.

The slowdown began after August 13, and I remember the day the state announced 1,165 new Covid-19 infections. Combining the number of cases on that day with the number of cases in other periods, more than 1000 reports per day attracted attention. They were stunned.

“Before August 13, there was a line of people waiting for coffee. Now there is no line, probably because customers pay homage, don’t want to flock to cafes, and don’t want to contribute to the increase in infections. “Let’s do it,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz requires Honolulu Mayor Rick Blanchardi to present evidence of recent negative Covid tests or vaccinations to employees and customers in cafes, restaurants, bars and other facilities starting September 13. He says he is worried about the impact on his business following the new Safe Access Honolulu Directive.

She says. “People wouldn’t like to wait in line while we’re checking vaccination status. Who checks? What if a customer gets angry and discusses with an employee?” ? “

Kailua’s classic neighborhood coffee hangout is Morning Brew, owned and operated by Punahou School graduate Peter Anderson for 26 years.

Anderson also owns Morning Brew in Kakaako, a salt that opened in 2017. He says he had to close the Kakaako branch for a while during last year’s closure, but the hardcore neighborhood Kyle A Cafe remains open during the pandemic. Lockdown only for takeaway orders.

Anderson says he supports the mayor’s new vaccination and testing obligations, but hopes to lose some customers because of them. He is worried that the server must act as a quasi-police to implement the requirement.

“This is another layer above many other directives that we have to obey. It’s tricky,” he says.

He says the pandemic has been revealed to him. This is the gratitude of his patrons for drinking coffee in a friendly environment.

Coffee Covid Denby Column
Instead of causing a power outage, coffee awakens people, makes them careful, more aggressive, and often happy. Denby Faucet / Civil Beat / 2021

“Customers were grateful to have a place to socialize. Go out for breakfast, meet other people. Humans need to socialize. Cafes visit friends, go out, reunite It’s a place to go. “

And for the sake of clarity here, caffeine as a pandemic mood enhancer does not have to be consumed in a trendy neighborhood cafe. McDonald’s makes a surprisingly delicious latte.

Coffee for self-healing and socializing in the midst of the global health crisis is certainly a healthier option than indulging in alcohol. Coffee is self-limiting. You can only drink a lot of it.

As my friend Aria Pan said, “It’s not often that someone drinks 20 cups of coffee and then jumps into a car and hits a lava wall, or has a nasty fight or discussion with a friend. is not.”

Coffee may make someone quiver or nervous, but it’s usually not combative and not in danger of oblivion.

This headline caught my attention: “Coffee cup vodka: when pandemic drinking goes too far.”

report was about drinking drinkers, especially women, who were driven to drinking by isolation and boredom after the pandemic ruined the credible daily lives of family and work life.

Former Circuit Court Judge Marie Milks and Former Honolulu Lawyer Lynn Flanigan
Circuit Judge Marie Milks (right) and Honolulu Lawyer Lynn Flanigan are enjoying coffee together. Denby Faucet / Civil Beat / 2021

Martha Duke has been the mother of two sober Manhattans since January 2018 and is an avid member of the Sober Mom Squad, an online group created during the pandemic. In a Times article, she explained that an increasing number of female friends and acquaintances are seeking advice on how to control drinking.

“No one is talking about glass wine anymore,” Duke said. “People are measuring with bottles. That scares me. I know that too many women went to voca with a glass or two to two bottles of wine with a coffee cup.”

It’s important to remember that this article is about New York, which was hit hard by last year’s pandemic.

In the report, Synagogue’s annual fund manager Jennifer Rubenstein said she was never a heavy drinker and usually enjoyed a glass or two of wine at dinner, but a pandemic. During that time, she began to grow to 3-4 cups a day.

Residents of Manhattan later turned to the therapist for help. She said. “I was depressed and anxious. I missed my colleague. I started drinking every night, then it drank at 5 o’clock, and before you knew it was Bloody Mary at 10 am I had a hangover and a slight power outage. “

Instead of causing a power outage, coffee awakens people, makes them careful, more aggressive, and often happy.Besides, many New medical research Joe’s cup or two or three say it’s good for you.

I came across an article online claiming that even coffee may provide reasonable protection against the virus that causes Covid-19.Sure, it would be great news if that were true, but the article cites only one preliminary study, which Not enough evidence Supports conflicts.

From depression to Covid, you don’t have to magically think that coffee is the best since Aretha Franklin appeared as a cure. During the pandemic, coffee was a strong and reliable ally. That’s enough to sing a praise.

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