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Dennis Grozel was relieved against U Mass last Saturday and will start this week against Temple.

At the end of the 2020 season, Boston University quarterback Dennis Grossel briefly considered ending his career elsewhere, but rather than regretting his stay, he left. I decided to regret it.

“I have no regrets,” said Grosel. “This team is great. This place is great. I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve seen it develop and I’ve seen it grow and I really want to end it here I have my feeling. “

Grossel would have been relieved of his choice, even if he backed up Phil Jurkoveck throughout the season. However, Grossel has a great opportunity to fix the dynamic attack, as Yulcovec may miss the rest of the year after undergoing surgery with his right hand.

He replaced Jurkovec in the first half of BC’s 45-28 victory at UMass last Saturday, finishing 11 out of 14 at 199 yards. A red-shirt senior who isn’t a stranger stepping into an injured quarterback is grateful to face Temple (1-1) on the road Saturday noon and lead Eagles (2-0) again. I am.

“One of the reasons I came back was that I was in this situation if the team needed it,” Grosell said. “It’s exciting for the team to be out there and play. It’s a bit sad to know how much work Phil has done.

“Now all my eyes are on me, and that’s why I’m back. That’s what you want as a quarterback.”

After graduating from Cleveland High School, Grossel’s plan was to go to the Butler University baseball team. A last-minute priority walk-on offer from BC changed his destiny, and he eventually won a football scholarship before his sophomore in his red shirt.

He brilliantly filled in injured quarterback Anthony Browne in 2019, started seven games and posted a 3: 1 touchdown to intercept ratio. Last season, Grossel broke the school record with a 520-yard pass in Virginia as Jacobeck sat injured after converting a critical four-down later in the match against Clemson.

His current situation can be daunting for many, but for Grossel it’s just the third movie in the trilogy.

“Honestly, he’s one of the best leaders on the team, even as a backup quarterback,” said BC coach Jeff Huffrey. “When you have it as a backup and he steps into the field, everyone doesn’t flinch.

“I now know that we will be vulnerable again to the outside world.” Can they even win so many games? “For our team, it doesn’t exist. Our expectations are the same. No matter who is there, we keep pushing. “

Grossel’s teammates said they had complete confidence in Glossel, although it was difficult to see Yurkobeck fall, and repeated those ideas.

“I think he’s the best backup in the country,” said linebacker Isaia Graham Mobley.

For Yurkobeck, injuries come at a cruel time. He has established himself as one of the country’s leading passers-by, and another strong season of the year would have cemented his position as an early pick in the NFL draft.

The silver lining increases the likelihood that the injury will return to BC for the next season. With the stellar recruitment class coming in and the formidable core still intact, the Eagles should be ready to fight again next year.

Surprised to continue playing after Jacobeck landed, Hufree said he spoke with Jacobeck on Monday before and after surgery at Newton Wellesley Hospital and advised him not to hit him. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and this is disastrous news for Jurkovec, but Hafley believes it could benefit him in the long run.

Hufree said he joked with the doctor asking if Jacobeck would return with a superhuman grip or throwing ability after surgery. The answer was no, but it didn’t undermine Hufree’s aggressiveness.

“I told him this time next year, and I’m probably looking back and saying,” Isn’t it good for some reason? “Huffrey said. “Then something great will come out. That’s the way he has to think.”

Saturday’s match will be the return of some Eagles. Graham-Mobley is from King of Prasha, Pennsylvania and has played for four seasons at Temple. Defensive lineman Chris Banks spent three years there, and Patgarwo’s running back came from Levittown, Pennsylvania. For the first time since he was injured, Hufree wants to get him back “immediately”.

Dennis Grosel steps in at QB for BC with the full confidence of his team Source link Dennis Grosel steps in at QB for BC with the full confidence of his team

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