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Denso has developed products for the advanced driver assistance technology “Advanced Drive” installed in the new Lexus LS to be released in Japan on April 8, 2021 and the new Toyota Mirai to be released in Japan on April 12, 2021. Announced that it was done.

Denso’s newly developed products used in Advanced Drive include LiDAR for detecting the shape of surrounding vehicles and roads. A locator telescopic camera for detecting the environment in front of the vehicle. Spatial information service electronic control unit (SIS ECU) for accurately locating the vehicle itself. These products are equipped with an automatic driving system electronic control unit (ADS ECU) and an automatic driving extended electronic control unit (ADX ECU) for high-speed processing of information. The SIS ECU, ADS ECU, and ADX ECU also support wireless software updates. This enhances functionality and improves Advanced Drive performance after the vehicle is sold to users.

Advanced driver assistance technology is essential to enable the driver to safely operate the vehicle in driving scenarios. The product newly developed by DENSO is equipped with “Advanced Drive,” a system that supports driving when driving on motorways such as highways. In Advanced Drive, by setting a destination in the navigation system, the in-vehicle system appropriately detects the situation, makes a decision, and assists driving under the supervision of the driver according to the actual traffic situation. You can keep your vehicle in the lane, stay away from other vehicles, navigate lane splits, change lanes, and overtake other vehicles until you leave your destination lane. With these new products, DENSO will contribute to advanced driver assistance technology that gives occupants a sense of security and improves vehicle safety.

Improved detection of conditions around the vehicle

LiDAR and locator telescopic cameras can detect large areas with high accuracy. Both products can detect more than 200 meters ahead of the vehicle. The company claims that Denso’s LiDAR has one of the highest performances in the world. By increasing the output of the laser beam and the sensitivity of the beam receiving sensor, long-distance detection has been achieved. Flat mirrors are used for scanning to detect wider angles. The locator telescopic camera is equipped with two types of cameras, one for short range and one for long range. The long imaging distance and the large number of pixels improve accuracy. It narrows the detection angle of long-range cameras to increase the number of pixels and produces clear distant images.

Accurate identification of your vehicle position

The SIS ECU provides information on the location of private vehicles and the driving course ahead, and is an important part of advanced driver assistance technology. The new product can be combined with high-precision map data, global navigation satellite system, and location information from camera recognition information to obtain accurate information about the position of your vehicle.

High-speed processing of sensor information

ADSECU and ADXECU quickly process information from sensors such as LiDAR and cameras to monitor the situation around the vehicle. To make this possible, we need to get real-time information from the sensor and process it in milliseconds. The new product includes multiple system-on-chips and microcomputers that deliver at least twice the processing performance of traditional in-vehicle ECUs. They act as the brain that controls the vehicle, not the driver.

Denso says it continues to develop advanced driver assistance technologies and enable safe and flexible mobility for all people around the world, including drivers and pedestrians.

Denso Develops ADAS for New Lexus LS “Toyota Mirai” | Automotive Industry News

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