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Denver — For the Davis family, the moment of looking at an old photo album not only provides a window into the past, but also an impossible future.

“We just loved life. It was really, really good, and this really cut off my wings,” said Paula Davis. “It was difficult and life changed.”

The Davis family once loved traveling the world. However, Jim Davis has lived with Alzheimer’s disease for nearly a decade and is getting worse over time.

“In the last two years, it’s really been a lot worse. Last year, it’s really bad, to the point where he doesn’t have short-term memory. He sometimes doesn’t remember me,” said Jim Paula Davis. Told. Davis’ wife.

Jim Davis’ wife and daughter, Carrie Davis, is now taking care of him every day.

“She is no longer my daughter. She is my partner, and I really see it that way,” said Paula Davis.

Recently, the Davis family decided to participate in a new clinical trial at Investigative drug, ATH-1017, It can improve brain activity, repair brain connections and save brain cells.

“I don’t know if it helps him, but that’s what I feel really good, and hopefully it might help me, but it will definitely help someone.” Said Carrie Davis.

Two members of Jim Davis’ family also lived with Alzheimer’s disease. For the Davis family, participating in this study is a way to fight back and find a cure, even if Jim Davis isn’t in time.

“It won’t work for Jim. I know he won’t work, but that’s what we can do to help others, that’s a small sacrifice for the big picture,” Paula said. rice field. Davis said.

They may feel like they are in an inevitable fight, but this family is not ready to give up.

“We are still together. Our role has just changed,” said Paula Davis. “Suddenly I became the captain of the team.”

Denver family speaks on participating in trial Source link Denver family speaks on participating in trial

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