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The Homeowners Association has long had the power to drive out Colorado homeowners. HOA will collect fines and late fees for bad lawns and improperly parked cars.

This kind of thing has been happening for years, HOA brought a record number of residents to court earlier this year.. Most of these cases were due to the Green Valley Ranch Master HOA. Said in a statement After the voluntary pandemic was suspended, it was catching up with the collection of fees and the enforcement of the rules.

In August, HOAs like the Green Valley Ranch will have more hoops to jump before trying to steal a house from someone. It also limits your ability to collect fees.

Monday, Denver City Council Approve the bill That requires more communication between the Homeowners Association and the residents they want to seize. The HOA must notify the resident 30 days before attempting to bring the resident back to court. The council also requires the HOA to provide a long list of resources, including these notices, links to nonprofits, and grant programs that may help people avoid foreclosures. ..

A few months ago, The state legislature also passed the law This limits HOA foreclosures and fines more broadly.under HB22-137, HOA can only impose a fine of up to $ 500 if the rule violation cannot be addressed. City council chairman Stacy Gilmore, who presided over the Green Valley Ranch and submitted the bill, said she spoke to people for a fee of up to $ 27,000.

The new state law also prohibits the HOA from pursuing foreclosures against residents who are only borrowing money for violating the rules.

Gilmour said he enacted a city law this year for her district’s problems, hoping that both laws will prevent people from getting to the streets.

“I do not object to providing taxpayers or non-taxpayers with access to information to stay home and hold wealth-building assets for the generation of homes,” she said. Told to. “I just want to keep people in their homes.”

Still, these measures are not available in some of the major disputes that led to fees and foreclosures. It’s also too late for some people.

Most of this year’s foreclosure cases are related to violations of the Articles of Incorporation and are still illegal under new state law, as the Green Valley Ranch Master HOA collects annual membership fees through an annual property tax.

For example, Fronzo Gilkey, The person who talked in FebruaryHas fought foreclosure attempts over fines associated with parking a car near a Green Valley ranch house.

Gilky said he was happy to hear that his association had to obey the new rules, but added that it wasn’t very useful to him. He was originally scheduled to appear in court in April, but the judge ordered him to enter into mediation with the GVR Master HOA. Retired postal worker Gilky said he had already collected a statutory fee of $ 20,000, but he still wants him to bring the association to trial.

“I’m totally uncomfortable,” he said.

His proceedings may end before the new law comes into force in August.

Kevin J. Beatty / Denverite

And the original conflicts in many of these cases-the look of the lawn, how to use the driveway, the AC unit of the windows-have not yet been addressed by these measures. Gilky said he wanted to see the rules abolished in his neighborhood and described them as mysterious and unfair.

Gilmour said he was interested in pursuing HOA’s rules further, but said that the HOA’s by-laws need to be addressed in higher jurisdictions.

“We had to do this now, and now that we have this law, I’m open to considering additional paths we can take,” she says. I did. “But frankly, HOA and how it’s set up need to be consistent and need to be managed at the state level.”

Meanwhile, Denver’s housing sector spokesman Derek Woodbury said attention to these court battles could have delayed HOA’s roll. They are watching what happens when state and city laws come into force.

“Based on our information, HOA-related foreclosures seem to have diminished a bit,” he said. “Clearly, the purpose of these bills was to provide homeowners with more tools to understand and mitigate judicial lien and HOA-related foreclosures. We all see how effective this is. Let’s learn together whether it is a target. “

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