Denver teen who murdered her 7-year-old nephew sentenced to 7 years in Youth Offender Services – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-06-23 22:35:54 –

Jenny Bansom, who suffocated her seven-year-old nephew at her home in Montbello in 2018, was sentenced to seven years of juvenile delinquency service starting Wednesday.

Bunsom, now 18 years old, was just 16 years old when he killed Jordan Vong and hid his body in the closet of his room. March She pleaded guilty to the second murder Tampering the body of both serious offenders as part of a judicial transaction.

On Wednesday, Bunsom wore a COVID-19 face mask, was handcuffed, bound, and spoke to Judge Ericka Englert in court and district court.

“Every day it reminds me of what I did,” Bunsom told the court, sobbing. “Jordan still needs justice. He was just a child. I lived an innocent life, I have to pay for my sins.”

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Jordan von

After more than four hours of hearing, Bansom’s defense team called witnesses, including clinical psychologists, behavioral health professionals, and youth services staff who have interacted with Bansom since imprisonment in August 2018. It was.

Psychologist Marty Beyer told a youth and upbringing court with Bunsom problems, based in part on several interviews with Bunsom. Beyer told the court that Bunsom, including his family, grew up after being sexually assaulted. Bansam was bullied in junior high school because he was Asian and poor and thin. She had a difficult and troubled relationship with her mother.

Bansam was “emotionally late,” Bayer said. The trauma in her life has plunged her into an emotional downward spiral. Depressed, she acted in anger and turned to alcohol and marijuana when she was young. She attempted suicide multiple times and was hospitalized several times. She was kicked out of high school for possession of marijuana.

Since being put in jail, at the Mount View Youth Service Center, Bansom has recently taken prescription psychiatric medications, attended counseling sessions and began to change his life.

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Jenny Bansom

Behavioral health expert Jessica Way, who worked with Bansom at Mount View, described her as “absolutely positive,” diligent and role model.

“She is very invested in her treatment,” Way said.

The prosecutor on Wednesday asked the court to remember the victim, Jordan.

“He was delighted to be around. He was a bright light,” District Attorney Julie Hill told the court and showed a picture of Jordan on the screen.

After Jordan’s death, Bansam hid himself. She was uncooperative and disgusted when she was looking for Jordan, assuming the police investigator was a missing child. According to Hill, on Facebook, Bansam was comforted by friends and followers as he acted as a sad victim before the body was found.

Hill said that Jordan fought for his life for at least five minutes, and in some cases longer, while suffocating, holding his hand to keep Bansam from crying. Hill described the attack as intentional and horrifying.

Jordan’s family has suffered since his death, Hill told the court. His mother is fighting depression. Prosecutors sought a maximum sentence of 30 years in an adult prison under a judicial transaction.

Englert sentenced the Corrections Bureau to a seven-year term of youth service with a 30-year suspended sentence.

“This is a tragic event everywhere,” Englert said. “What we can do here is not to regain a lost or robbed life.”

Based on evidence and testimony, Englert said he believes Bunsom is working hard to change his life and somehow redeem it.

“The court is giving you an opportunity, I will take you in your words that you live your life for” good “,” Englert said. “I hope this offers you another life opportunity.”

Denver teen who murdered her 7-year-old nephew sentenced to 7 years in Youth Offender Services Source link Denver teen who murdered her 7-year-old nephew sentenced to 7 years in Youth Offender Services

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