Denver to recognize Juneteenth as a commemorative holiday – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-02-22 20:26:04 –

The Denver City Council declared June 16th an official holiday in the city on Monday and approved a bill leading to the National Weather Service Observatory at the old Stapleton International Airport site.

June 16th, June 19th, marks the official end of slavery in 1865. The holiday began in Texas and somehow expanded to the majority of states in the United States, and Washington, DC, Colorado began to recognize it as a ceremonial holiday. 2004..

The city council passed the bill with a unanimous vote and set up an annual official event for June 16 in Denver on Saturday “closest to June 19”. Mayor Michael Hancock and councilor Chris Herndon proposed the most iconic holiday earlier this month.

According to the city’s slideshow, the June celebration at Five Points in Denver dates back to 1953 and often includes large parades, musical activities, food and booths. The event is about “community gathering … helping the black community,” Valalie Chiles said. 2018 know..

Jason McBride, the organizer and MC of the musical event, Knowledge of 2020 “All our culture is there and it’s beautiful to see.” Last year, many of our annual events were virtual and some people held them. Quiet march Call attention to police atrocities in Denver.

Prior to voting on Monday, Proclamation was “a remarkable symbolic gesture,” said Kandy Kudebaka, a councilor representing the Five Points region, but “actual action to dismantle black oppression. Accompanied by. “

“If we pass another declaration of racism, racism, or black freedom without action, such as saving a legacy business that is rapidly disappearing from Five Points, we have done something notable to blacks. That said, I think it’s just maintaining the illusion of freedom, especially for celebrations that have been part of Denver’s history for generations, “added Cde Baca. ..

To know in which direction the wind blows

Denver has not acquired a full National Weather Service office, said Paul Schlatter, a meteorologist working at the NWS Boulder office.

However, residents of Denver can quickly see weather details that are “more representative” of the actual situation in the city and county, thanks to a meteorological station built on the site of the old Stapleton International Airport. The council unanimously passed the bill.

According to Denver Parks and Recreation data and Michel Graham, executive director of Urban Farm, Urban Farm acted as an accounting agent to raise a donation of approximately $ 17,000 to purchase new weather equipment. She said the equipment will be donated to the US National Weather Service, a sub-agency of NWS.

The official observatory in Denver is Denver International Airport, And that won’t change. However, Schlatter said, “Conditions (in DIA) do not match the rest of Denver,” so the new observatory will provide cities and counties with “real-time” hot and cold, precipitation, and barometric pressure. “Weather conditions” are provided. , Wind and dew point. According to Schlatter, the data does not include total snowfall. This is because humans need to measure it.

In addition, according to Graham, it is worthwhile to set up a meteorological station on the premises of the old airport to collect weather and climate information, which is to compare historical data.

According to Schlatter, it will take several months for the station to come online. This is due to the need to build a 30-foot tower (official height of wind observations).

However, adding this site will help meteorologists with things like “recent Arctic outbreaks,” Schlatter said.

“The lowest temperature at the airport was -16, but I don’t know where it got so cold in the city of Denver.” Also, during the hot season, the heat island has caused the nighttime minimum temperature in Denver to rise. However, during the day, “the airport seems to be warm about once”.

“I think it’s good for everyone,” Schlatter said.

Graham also said the new meteorological station is in line with “Denver’s Climate Action Plan to enable more accurate information and assessment of the city of Denver.”

John Aguilar of The Denver Post contributed to this report.

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