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Denver residents, long accustomed to free garbage picking, will face new $ 9 to $ 21 per month charges for their services starting in October, with city leaders tailoring prices to climate-friendly goals. Under overhauls that prefer to trade, get free compost recycling picking. wastefully.

Residents will continue to receive free recycling If 13 city councils approve this overhaul next month, pick up — weekly instead of biweekly as it is now.

In addition, we will approve compulsory citations such as parking tickets and hire additional waste inspectors for residents who intentionally dispose of garbage in the trash can. No penalty amount has been set.

Denver officials say the idea is to attack large amounts of waste carried to landfills by encouraging recycling, which is free except for composting gardens and food waste, which costs $ 9.75 a month. Said.

Estimated annually 193,988 tons Garbage buried in landfills by Denver — An amount increased by more than 5% between 2019 and 2020 — releases methane gas that traps heat.

Federal agency has decided Landfill It continues to be a major source of atmospheric methane, which accelerates global warming, leading to an increase in fires, droughts and other disasters.

“Now we are asking people to pay for what we want: compost recycling, and we offer them-free-garbage picking services. This does not motivate the behavior of waste disposal, “said the director of the Denver Climate Behavior, Sustainability and Resilience Office, which worked with transportation and infrastructure stakeholders in the proposed overhaul. Gracelink, who is, said.

“If you can get compost out of the trash, it’s 50% of what’s put in landfills to produce methane,” Link said. “People have asked us to deal with climate change, and climate change has taught us that we are running out of time.”

Members of the council will consider and vote for the overhaul in June after the briefing next week. An interview with council members revealed that the majority of council members support it.

An estimated 20,000 low-income earners are eligible for free or discounted waste services.

Other cities and other locations around Metro Denver have municipal waste policies in place to encourage recycling. In cities where residents rely on private waste carriers, the price of waste collection and recycling is higher than Denver charges for waste services.

Denver is currently lagging behind the national average of other cities and recycling. According to city data, in 2020, about 26% of waste was diverted from landfills, compared to 34% nationwide. City officials said they would like to ensure that 50% of the waste is recycled by 2027.

“You should definitely do this,” said Councilor Robin Nichi. “We have to follow our values. We care about snowpacks. We care about mountains. We care about the quality of the air and the heat waves that hit our city. I’m interested … we need to create the right incentives to do the right thing. “

With Denver’s new approach, residents pay $ 9 a month for a small trash can (35 gallons), $ 13 a month for a medium trash can (65 gallons), and $ 21 a month for a large trash can (95 gallons).The city crew Empty these Every week.

These crew members currently provide municipal waste services in 180,000 detached homes and buildings with up to seven apartments. Only about 30,000 people pay $ 9.75 per month for composting. If they choose a small bottle, they will save 75 cents a month under the new price.

City waste inspectors are currently monitoring the flow of recycled waste and tagging purple trash cans that are found to be contaminated with garbage. Notify residents that the problem needs to be fixed before emptying the bin. If the problem persists, the inspector deletes the bin.

“We hire additional inspectors to check for contamination of the cart as part of the case if the proposal is passed. Education is the first step when working to build compliance. Contamination fines are only a deterrent. It exists and follows multiple warnings, “city spokesman Nancy Kuhn said in an email. “Small amounts are being discussed.”

The city officials expect to collect from new trash cans (about $ 35 million a year), with 45% of residents choosing large 95-gallon trash cans and 40% choosing medium-sized 65-gallon trash cans and 15-gallon trash cans. Based on expectations. % A small 35 gallon bottle. Officials said the money would only be used to cover the cost of waste services and not to generate additional income for the city’s budget.

Denver residents have long benefited from free garbage picking. If residents fail to pay for garbage, city officials said households will receive the same notifications as if residents did not pay for services in other cities. Permanently ignored unpaid invoices can lead to property liens after a multi-year process. However, city officials have not lost property because they did not pay the city’s service charge, and if property taxes are not paid, Lien usually leads to less than five property losses a year. Said.

Members of the council questioning the review of waste prices include Kandy Kudebaka. “Currently, we need some significant changes. We absolutely believe that recycling and composting should be expanded for free,” said Cde Baca. But she said she wasn’t prepared enough to support low-income earners.

CdeBaca also advocates a broader urban approach. The requirement to create products and packages designed for reuse by the enterprise and a stricter policy for developers, where construction waste accounts for the majority of the waste sent to landfills. (Developers currently recycle at a higher rate than residents, according to city officials, but construction projects send large amounts of material to landfills.)

Denver voters in the upcoming November 2022 election will recycle by requiring all Denver businesses, including restaurants, hospitals, large apartments, hotels and sports arenas, to provide waste compost and recycling services. Face a voting initiative on whether to further expand.

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