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Mikalanuccio shares a laugh with customers on September 10th at the Hornet Restaurant on 76 Broadway. (((Eric Heinz Photo).

Restaurants seeking to maintain their workforce or hire more people can be assisted through grants distributed by the Colorado Restaurant Foundation and the Colorado Event Alliance.

The Denver City Council is ready to vote for a $ 1 million grant to the Restaurant Foundation and a $ 500,000 grant to the Event Organization paid by the Federal COVID-19 Relief Fund. The owner of each restaurant is eligible for $ 10,000 and the employee is paid approximately $ 1,500.

Employers are not allowed to hold grants and must pay all directly to their employees.

“The Colorado restaurant industry is still facing a serious labor shortage,” said Laura Shank, chairman of the Colorado Restaurant Foundation.

According to Shank, a recent Foundation survey across the state found that 91% of restaurant owners struggle to retain and attract employees.

“Restaurant industry … they’re out of one recovery and working on another,” Shank said.

According to Shank, restaurant employers can apply for a grant by explaining why they need money and how to use it. The Restaurant Foundation distributes grants to hotels and restaurants, and the Alliance distributes funds to catering companies and affiliates.

The city of Denver has proposed a grant that authorities will retain or attract about 950 workers in the restaurant industry and support about 140 employers.

Susan Rie, Denver’s Economic Development and Opportunity Office, said the office was hoping for an influx of workers as more restaurants opened, but the opposite happened. She said the increasing costs of some people may have driven them into other careers.

“Some of the workers in the restaurant and hospitality industry have left, and they may not come back,” Rihe said. “Competing with cash is just one strategy. I think there are many ways to solve this problem.”

According to the city, both of the proposed grants will retain or attract about 950 restaurant industry workers and support about 140 employers. The employer does not have to be a member of the Colorado Restaurant Association or the Colorado Event Alliance, which manages the Foundation, to receive the grant.

Employees do not have to have full US citizenship and are eligible even if they do not live in Denver. However, the employer must be a restaurant within the Denver city area or a company within the food service industry.

The Restaurant Foundation is heading towards the beginning of a pandemicAngel Relief Fund, Directly fund restaurant employees working in the industry for over 90 days from January 2020.

Money from the Angel Relief Fund can be used to cover difficulties, including the cost of unemployment due to diagnosis, transportation, childcare, etc. of COVID-19. Employees are eligible for up to $ 1,000 in support this year, depending on their hardships.

Denver trying to beef up restaurant workforce with $1,500 payments Source link Denver trying to beef up restaurant workforce with $1,500 payments

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