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Environmental protection activists, activists and climate experts expected Denverwater to sue Boulder County for more than $ 464 million in utilities. Proposal to expand Gross Reservoir.. They didn’t expect it to be that fast.

The utility filed a federal proceeding on July 14, arguing that it would take too long for the commissioner to consider applying for the 1041 permit needed to undertake a five-year project in southwestern Boulder.

Not just proceedings Suddenly poke Boulder County officialsHowever, I was surprised that others were watching the project. The main reason is that I don’t think Denver Water has completed the permit application. County planners repeatedly warned the utility in writing that they were left unanswered to questions about the project.

“It’s confusing,” said David Barr, a former professor of environmental and climate science at Regis University who opposes the expansion. He expected a proceeding rather than before after the county commission made a decision.

Barr, who is currently a faculty member at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Arctic and Alpine Institute, pointed out the ongoing drought on the western slopes of Colorado and questioned the need for reservoir expansion. The Colorado River is declining, damaging not only Colorado, but also the states downstream of Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

If Denver Water expands the Gross Reservoir, he said it would be one of the “world’s largest monuments to climate change.”

Denver Water and Boulder County officials remained largely silent about the proceedings, all Long trail of Now-public communication.. The utility website called this move “Preemptive proceedings.. Dale Case, director of community planning and permits in Boulder County, said in April that the Denver Post had some open questions.His office sought more information on the construction plan and expressed concern that the utility did not fully consider how expansion could hurt the population. Prebble Meadow Jumping Mouse, Lives in this area and is stated to be under threat under US Endangered Species Act.

The application also contained incomplete and outdated information on how work would affect the groundwater in the area.County Planning Chief Summer Frederick I wrote on June 1st.. She also reiterated concerns that much of the data is decades old.

The Denver Post, Hyun Chan

The Gross Reservoir is painted on Friday, April 2, 2021.

Denver Water Expansion Project Manager Jeff Martin I wrote a letter to Case on June 21stHe believed the utility had answered all of the county’s outstanding questions and said he had asked him to schedule a permit hearing “to achieve August approval.”

But the case June 29 response, He thought Martin had not addressed his concerns, but scheduled a hearing in front of the County Commission in August and a second hearing in front of the County Commission in September. He said.

The case also warned that county officials could discover that utilities did not meet the criteria for applying for a permit.

Denverwater spokesman Todd Hartman said the proceedings were necessary because county authorities were using a permit process to slow the expansion of utilities.

He added, “We tried to answer their questions, provide more information, and suggest ways to address their concerns as needed. Boulder County did not engage us with the solution. It was. “

He also noted that two of the three members of Boulder County have expressed opposition to the project “in campaign events and materials.” None of the three commissioners responded to the post’s request for comment.

Commissioner spokeswoman Barb Harbin said county officials are currently in a “holding period.”

Utility proceedings require federal judges to declare that existing federal approval for expansion supersedes Boulder County’s authority. Denver Water is also asking the judge to order Boulder County to issue other necessary permits, as if he already had 1041.

This is an aerial photograph of ...

John Antczak, Associated Press File

The hotter and drier climate is depleting Lake Powell, as seen in this 2019 aerial photograph along the Colorado River, which stores water from Colorado and other Upper Basin states.

Drought and dry Colorado River

Denver Water will never fill the reservoir, even if it is built, Barr said.

Denver Water was warned about unanswered questions on Gross Reservoir permit request Source link Denver Water was warned about unanswered questions on Gross Reservoir permit request

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