Denver7 Gives helps family of boy hit and dragged by SUV while riding bike – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2021-07-22 21:40:50 –

Aurora, Colorado — Step by step, Calebingelhart is approaching the fun and active activity of the 11-year-old before the crash. But the road is not easy.

“I’m very suffering,” said Caleb Ingelhart while walking to his front door.

Caleb In June, he was beaten and dragged on suspicion of drunk driving. While riding his bike. Those moments were captured by surveillance cameras.

“I was terrified and was under his car and shouted,’Stop the car! Stop the car!'” Said Caleb Ingelhart.

This innocent boy, who loves sports and loves to play with friends, was forced to spend the next five weeks in the hospital. Caleb underwent five surgeries to repair the tendons of his knees and had multiple skin grafts due to a road rash he had. His mother, Deborah Ingelhart, was with her son in suffering.

“He can be very painful and scream,” said Deborah Ingelhart. “I don’t want to see my child experience it.”

His wounds are still fresh. Caleb Ingelhart said he was in pain when he was in bed. Deborah Ingelhart says his son had his first full sleep on July 15, more than a month after the accident.

Barely able to move, Caleb Ingelhart is forced to quarantine while he recovers.

“I just miss my friends,” said Caleb Ingelhart in tears.

Deborah Ingelhart now has to act as a mother and a home nurse, forcing her to quit her job for months.

“Now, I’m surprised because the bill doesn’t stop and the income doesn’t stop,” said Deborah Ingelhart.

Through donations from Denver7 viewers, we were able to support Ingel Hearts by paying monthly invoices, including mortgage, water, energy and other invoices.

“It’s great that the community can come together like this as a single mother, and that’s great,” said Deborah Ingelhart.

Caleb Ingelhart has no friends and will be hosting a drive-by-parade near his home at the intersection of Aurora’s Granby Street and E.13 Avenue on Friday, July 30th at 12:30 pm. She invites everyone in the community to join.

If you still want to donate, your family GoFundMe..

Denver7 features stories of people in need.And now you can help them with cash donations through them Denver 7 gives.. 100% of the donations to the fund will be used to support people in the community.

Denver7 Gives helps family of boy hit and dragged by SUV while riding bike Source link Denver7 Gives helps family of boy hit and dragged by SUV while riding bike

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