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ENGLEWOOD-The question was as reflexive as sleep: how does Broncos stay motivated after the opening win of the season?

wait. what? Broncos won one game. This corresponds to a single stroke of correction fluid on a graffiti-covered bridge. Broncos cannot be overlooked after establishing itself as one of the league’s worst teams in the last five seasons.

“If you need to motivate someone to work, they probably shouldn’t be here. If you want to motivate, look at last year’s record. It’s somewhere on Google. That’s enough. Motivation. That’s not enough. Broncos identity. ” “It’s not this culture, so if you want to motivate, check out last year’s records and you’re ready to go.”

The NFL has its own challenges. There is no talent gap in college for professionals. Even Jacksonville, a team of 1-16 in the last 17 contests, remains a potential loss in every game. Denver can’t afford to fail if he wants to end the five-year playoff drought as a six-point favorite.

It takes me to the Broncos Denver 7 key to victory:

Start early and be proactive
Broncos did not win the game’s first owned touchdown once last season. The streak continued last Sunday, despite promising offensive performance. Teddy Bridgewater has decided to admit that it “needs to be greedy.” They are 5-1 when Broncos leads in halftime in the last two seasons. That’s important. Even if Jerry Jeudy could play for two months, Broncos has the weapons and depth to keep moving forward. Director Big Fangio showed how much he trusts Bridgewater by taking it down three times and converting everything. Broncos was 4 to 15 in the force down last season. After years of reactionary stance, the idea of ​​punch first is welcomed.

Man up, man down
Jaguar plays a one-on-one defense. They challenge the recipient. This means that it’s up to Teddy Bridgewater to find and take advantage of his favorite matches. Don’t sleep at Noah Fant and Albert Okwebnum. Jacksonville doesn’t have a great answer either. Bridgewater has completed a pass to the opener’s nine players, including nine tight-end targets. You may not need the same variety for Jaguar.

Stay patient on the ground
Jacksonville has surrendered 160 yards to the Texans, including 85 yards to Mark Ingram. Broncos features two solid backs on Gordon and rookie Javonte Williams. Staying patient with the Giants left them vulnerable with Gordon’s 70-yard scoring scoot. Broncos wants to be a physical team. The aggressive line remains sturdy, even though Graham Glasgow (arrhythmia) is suspected and stated not expected to play. Ideally, Broncos runs 35 times, throws 30 and controls the clock. Linebacker Alexander Johnson said, “Being a bystander and staying fresh will definitely help. It makes a difference.”

Big play KJ
When Broncos establishes a run game, the play action begins. And that means the safety or corner bites the route by the receiver KJ Hamler. He aims to deliver after dropping a 50-yard touchdown last week. He took 100 over-the-shoulder passes before the practice on Monday. He is ready to create a 4 catch, 100 yard day.

Confuse Lawrence
Broncos plays many zones and is familiar with it under Fangio. It allows his plans to feature more wrinkles than Shar Pei. Broncos doesn’t have to fight in a blitz to make Lawrence uncomfortable. Just put pressure on it. Force him to release the ball sooner than expected. When he’s in the area of ​​Rookie Patrick Sirtain II, he’ll probably look for Marvin Jones Jr. The rookie makes his first start. There are hiccups, but Surtain is ready for the challenge. It would be a disappointment if Broncos did not produce the first intercept of the season.

Let’s loosen the phone
Bradley Chubb may play after showing better lateral movement with individual drills on his left ankle on Friday. He remains listed as suspicious in reports of injuries. The team will walk through at Jacksonville High School on Saturday to allow Chub to test his ankle again. He didn’t test it before last week’s match, a prior decision that he wasn’t playing. If Chub goes, I expect him to be in the play count. Lawrence was fired once last Sunday with 52 dropbacks. But he was under pressure / hurry at about 30 percent of the throws. And he wasn’t dealing with Von Miller or Malik “Dream Killer” Reed. Miller produced two sack in the opener. After two games his career is four sack. Tying that mark will definitely work on Sunday.

Don’t forget Dre
Broncos defensive end Dremon Jones said former Ohio State University coach Urban Meyer needs to adjust his “university-based” philosophy to succeed in the NFL, national news. Was announced. Jones took it personally last week and helped secure the rush defense, which kept the Giants at 60 yards. He also almost netted the bag. Games often have an X factor. There must be one Jones.

Troy Predictions: Broncos 30, Jaguar 13

Denver7 Keys to victory vs. Jaguars. It centers on aggressive mentality Source link Denver7 Keys to victory vs. Jaguars. It centers on aggressive mentality

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