Denver7’s brutalist building in Speer won’t become a city landmark – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-05-11 02:04:12 –

The city council rejected applications from residents who believed the building had both historical and architectural value.

Kevin J. Beatty

It looks like the end of the road to the majestic buildings of Lincoln and Spear.

On Monday, the city council rejected an application to renovate a huge television broadcast building at 123 Speer Blvd. Siding on a local landmark with owners and the general public who didn’t think the building deserved this status.

At least one person who testified at the meeting on Monday has come to call the building a “wart.” Some examples of brutalist In Denver.

After almost two hours of hearing, members of the council unanimously voted against the designation.

Councilor Chris Hinds, whose district contains a building, urged his colleagues to vote against it. But he also urged the next developer not to build another “large, indistinguishable luxury development”.

“We already have enough,” Hinds said.

The breakthrough application was opposed by Scripps Media, the owner of the building that owns the local ABC affiliate Denver7 (KMGH). Dean Littleton, general manager of Denver 7, said Monday that the council’s decision “will have an forever impact on the future of their business.” He said news station staff needed a better place to work.The company has the following contracts Sell ​​the building to PMG..

“Give me the opportunity to finish what we started,” said Littleton. “Provide 200 local journalists and staff with the facilities they need to better serve the people of Denver.”

A majority of about 40 people who applied for a lecture at a hearing on Monday night opposed the designation. The council chairman, Stacy Gilmour, said the council received 51 written comments and 46 were submitted in opposition to the application.

Last year, building owners applied for a certificate to investigate the possibility of demolition. The building has a sale agreement and potential new owners are reportedly interested in knocking down the building. Replace with a “convenient” one. Designating landmarks makes building demolition very difficult.

Applying for a certificate triggered the process This includes the city’s landmark preservation office, which investigates the history of the building... After the investigation, city staff discovered that the building could become a city landmark due to factors such as its architecture, history, and connections with its neighbors.

To officially obtain the landmark designation earlier this year, three city residents had to submit an application. In this case, it is against the intention of the owner. After meeting with the building owner via Zoom, the three residents discussed the property and submitted an application to compromise.

Bradley Cameron, one of the people who applied for the designation, said it was a shame to demolish the building. He and the other applicants tried to find something in common with the owner, but they said they had no luck. He said the application was submitted in an attempt to find a mutually beneficial situation.

The council approved the landmark only once, Beth Eden Baptist Church Building in West Highlands in 2014 when the owner opposed the designation.

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