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Denver’s behavioral health task force to convene in August – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-08-03 19:15:13 –

Denver – Behavioral Health Transformation Task Force We will meet in August to decide where and how to devote the $ 450 million received from the US Rescue Planning Act.

Vincent Atchity, Colorado Mental Health The President and CEO said: We systematically ignore and criminalize Colorado, which requires health, but it’s not the kind of people we want. We need to be systematic about caring for each other better. “

Mental Health Colorado says it believes Colorado needs to secure a total of $ 165 million received to increase patient bed availability and support the needs of various recovery programs. increase.

Colorado has more than 2,600 beds, which is below the ideal number of beds for inpatients, given the population.

Atchiti said: Care is needed, not cuffs. “

This funding debate came after the Colorado Children’s Hospital announced an “emergency” for the state’s youth mental health.

Senator Cleeve Simpson said access to mental health resources is essential for all Colorado, especially in rural areas of the state.

“The incidence of suicide, overdose, and other behavioral health problems is gradually increasing in rural Colorado compared to its counterpart in urban areas. All Colorado inpatient treatment It is very important that we all spend our time and effort on the solutions we include, “says Simpson.

Both the General Assembly and Governor Police will meet with the Task Force to properly allocate funds when they meet in August.

Denver’s behavioral health task force to convene in August Source link Denver’s behavioral health task force to convene in August

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