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Denver — Denver’s oldest middle school celebrates its 100th birthday.

Molly Middle School opened in 1921 in the Capitol Hill district of Denver. As a junior high school, it was the first school in the city to serve 7th and 8th graders. It was then expanded to include 6th grade.

Assistant Vice-Principal MJ Roberts Gibson worked with students to form the 100th Anniversary Council. They collected stories and photographs of old yearbooks from Molly’s graduates.

“I have worked at other schools in Denver. What I really like is the community’s investment in the history of students and Molly,” says Roberts Gibson.

For Molly’s prominent graduates, Madeleine Albright, The country’s first female Secretary of State.Famous Denver leader Marie Greenwood When John Amesse I also went to school.

Hillary Niebauer, Principal of Molly, said the school’s central location attracted students from all parts of the city.

“If you lived or grew up here in Denver, you might know someone who attended Molly Middle School,” Niebauer said.

Roberts-Gibson pointed out that Molly has historically been in a black neighborhood and is always diverse.

“Denver’s demographics are changing and choices are an option, so it’s an honor to continue to attract diverse groups to Molly,” she said.

The building itself has been upgraded, but many features are nearly 100 years old. The walls of the school auditorium are adorned with murals donated by the class in the 1930s. The school is also one of the few schools in Denver with a swimming pool.

Molly also 1961 school shooting.. Two schoolboys were involved in a fight and 14-year-old Deborah Humphrey accidentally hit a bullet.

Today’s students say they are grateful to learn about positive and negative history and see Molly progressing over time.

“It’s beautiful to see what happened before I lived,” said 8th grade Mya Means.

The school will host a 100th birthday celebration on Saturday, September 25thMolly graduates are advised to visit from 11am to 4pm This website Share their memories.

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