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Denver, Colorado 2021-08-05 16:10:28 –

A new report reveals that Denver’s annual per capita spending on non-residential homes is at least twice the rent of one-bedroom apartments in the city.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Denver and the Common Sense Institute, a business-oriented “freelance” advocacy group, said Thursday that Denver spends $ 42,000 to $ 104,000 per person experiencing homelessness each year. The total includes spending by the city government and spending on the homeless by charities and Denver Health.

Rental housing group Average annual rent It costs about $ 20,000 for a one bedroom unit.

This report will be released the day after Denver is released. The five-year plan To deal with the homeless. Mike Strott, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Hancock, said the city is not tracking per capita non-residential spending.

Researchers said Denver has a wide range of spending. This is because attempts to count non-occupied populations in cities and metropolitan areas are incomplete and cannot capture the full range of homeless people in the region with the approval of the counting people.

The report estimates that per capita spending on people experiencing homelessness across Denver Metro ranged from $ 32,000 to $ 79,000 annually.

Researchers argued that it was an inefficient use of money, given that per-student spending at Denver Public School was about $ 19,000 in 2019.

“We can get more results and definitely have a bigger impact than we do,” said Downtown Denver Partnership Chairman of the Together Denver Campaign, which fought an effort to decriminalize the homeless in 2019. Former Treasury Chairman Mike Zoellner said. Failed Initiative 300..

The report’s co-author, Brenda Dickhoner, formerly a member of the Colorado Department of Education, found it difficult to track and classify donations from municipal agencies and charities, so this study found that non-residential spending I think the total is undervalued.

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