Denver’s minimum wage rate increases on Friday to $14.77 per hour – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-01-01 09:22:55 –

Denver — The minimum wage for Denver City and County is currently $ 14.77 per hour.

It came into effect on Friday, January 1st.

This increase is expected to lead to salary increases for thousands of workers in Denver, many of whom are frontline employees who were unable to work from home during the pandemic.

Denver auditor Timothy M. O’Brien (CPA) said it was a difficult time for companies.

“I want to work with them to find a way to keep paying employees in accordance with the law. My goal is to raise awareness rather than penalize employers who make honest mistakes. During this time, keep paying the city workers. In times of financial difficulty. “

Jeffrey Garcia, Executive Director of the Denver Labor Department, said this is not an easy change for businesses, but that all dollars are important to employees and their families.

The minimum wage increase was adopted by the Denver City Council in November 2019. The minimum wage will be raised from $ 12.85 to $ 14.77 on January 1, 2021, then to $ 15 on July 1, 2021 and again to $ 15.87 in 2022. That is, it is adjusted based on inflation.

Denver Auditor

The city-wide minimum wage first came into effect in early 2020. In early December 2020, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Denver Councilor Robin Nichi announced that they had no plans to ask the Denver City Council to consider changes to the increase scheduled for January 1, 2021. Did. Sonia Riggs, CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association, said it was very disappointing as restaurants continue to struggle to achieve their goals.

If the employer or worker is not sure if the city-wide minimum wage applies to them, they can use the Denver Auditor’s to verify their work address. Online map.

On January 1, 2021, Colorado’s minimum wage was also raised to $ 12.32 across the state, or $ 9.30 for employees with tips.

Denver’s minimum wage rate increases on Friday to $14.77 per hour Source link Denver’s minimum wage rate increases on Friday to $14.77 per hour

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