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Denver, Colorado — When everything is getting more expensive, outdoor enthusiasts have a local place to buy and sell used clothing and gear to save or make money.

Out & back outdoors Offer cash for trade-in, refurbish items and resell them at discounted prices in the secondary market.

After working for a company like VF Corporation, the parent company of brands like The North Face, Barruch Ben-Zekry found a way to make outdoor apparel and gear more affordable.

“Now, a lot of people want to buy second-hand goods,” said Benzekuri. “Demand is skyrocketing. It really is about whether you can get the supply.”

A young company based in Denver is a recommerce outlet, where sellers make money from what they don’t use or don’t wear.

“Some of the fabric may have changed, some of the insulation may have changed, but in general, the items are 5, 10, or as good as years ago.”

Consumers can register for items from the Out & Back website and receive instant offers, or receive either a recently affiliated company. Dick’s sporting goods For drop-off locations in the store.

“You bring us your gear,” Ben Zekri said of Dick’s partnership. “You don’t have to package it. You don’t have to do that. You can get the payment right away while we wait for the item to check in.”

On the other hand, for buyers, it breaks down the barriers to the cost of entering outdoor recreational activities.

“If you’re on the slopes for a day, it’s easy to put on your feet and on your feet, trousers, and jackets. It’s a gear worth $ 2,000 to $ 3,000,” says Ben-Zekry.

Interested buyers can now buy gear at a significant discount. And Out & Back uses refurbishment workers to make second-hand goods look like new.

“For buyers, I want them to be absorbed in the products they buy,” Benzekuri said. “When they open the package, I want them to see it and say,’I can’t believe this is second-hand.'”

The location of Dick’s Sporting Goods at 7313 W. Alaska Drive in Lakewood is currently dropping off through Out & Back. They take backpacks, tents, skis and snowboards in addition to clothing.

Denver’s Out&Back makes buying and selling outdoor gear easy Source link Denver’s Out&Back makes buying and selling outdoor gear easy

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