Denver’s proposed ban on flavored tobacco may be amended to exempt hookah – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-10-27 18:41:11 –

was suggested Prohibition of sale Denver’s flavored tobacco and vapor-breathing products stalled on Wednesday as members of the city council’s safety committee discussed some amendments, including a change to exempt the water giselle lounge and menthol tobacco.

Committee members agreed to take action on Wednesday, before moving to consider the five changes proposed so far before revisiting them at the November 17 meeting. In addition, I have three weeks to work behind the scenes. Council.

An ordinance raised by councilors Amanda Sawyer and Debbie Ortega earlier this month sells items such as flavored cigars, e-cigarettes, arc pens, arc juice, menthol tobacco, and shisha, which are flavored tobacco used in Denver’s hookah pipes. Will be illegal. .. Sponsors and their supporters claim that it is a public duty and flavor products are used to seduce young people and make them smokers for the rest of their lives.

“Youth smoking and e-cigarette epidemics are what we are trying to solve here,” Sawyer said has been Declare epidemic According to the medical director. “

Adults over the age of 21 can own and use these products, but must purchase them somewhere outside the city limits. Seven other Colorado municipalities have similar bans.

Some members of Sawyer’s fellow safety committee disagreed with the approach they believed could be too restrictive to drive many small retailers out of the business.

“This is done with a hammer, not a scalpel. We affect adults and prevent them from buying the product they want,” said Councilor Kendra Black.

The proposed amendments on Wednesday included an exemption from premium cigars and pipe tobacco, and another carve-out of menthol tobacco.

Councilor Kevin Flynn said he heard late Tuesday night from members of the Denver black community both for and against including menthol products, a style of tobacco products that are disproportionately sold to blacks. Later, he proposed a modification of menthol. He did not see it as a council place to make that decision out of the hands of the people.

The exception to the hookah lounge is considered the most important change for its advocates, as all shisha are flavored tobacco. The practice of smoking shisha from a hookah pipe in a communal environment is a cultural practice that dates back to centuries in many Middle Eastern cultures.

Denver’s proposed ban on flavored tobacco may be amended to exempt hookah Source link Denver’s proposed ban on flavored tobacco may be amended to exempt hookah

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