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When local nurse Mary Spikak found deputy sheriff David Garcia after nearly 22 years, she called him a “miracle.” Garcia replied that you were my “angel”.

Corpus Christi, Texas — A few years later, the friendship between the two first respondents remains strong almost 22 years later.

When Mary Spikak found Deputy Nueces County Sheriff David Garcia, she soon knew who he was.

“He says I know you! I’m like you know! You’re my miracle and he says you’re my angel,” Spikak said. Said.

Spicak is the clinical director of the Hector P Garcia Memorial Family Health Center and has also worked as a trauma nurse for 17 years.

In fact, the first time they got together was at night in the emergency room.

“Of course, I recognized her with a heartbeat! How can I forget? You were one of the people who saved my life,” Garcia said.

Garcia answered the phone at the Bishop, Texas combination store on February 11, 2001.

“I was on patrol and got a call about a young man in front of a bishop’s shop, and he was stuck and in need of help,” Garcia said.

Within minutes of the young man’s arrival, he shot and killed his lieutenant five times.

“Point-blank range. He hit me all five times,” Garcia said.

Garcia returned the fire. The suspect was murdered and the adjutant was then taken to the old Christus Spawn Memorial Hospital, where doctors worked swiftly to save his life.

“Mary was one of the front faces. I remember because I wasn’t unconscious,” Garcia said.

Many of the patients with whom Mary Spikak worked as a traumatic nurse for 17 years were memorable. Like the following …

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Almost 22 years later, when Spikaku encounters Garcia, or her “traumatic miracle” she is calling him, he greets her as well.

“I will never forget you,” Garcia said.

Spicak said that such a comment is “her reward” and “as a nurse, that’s our reward. We help someone not only get better, but also return to their normal self. I did. ”

Spicak is just as happy to see Garcia.

“I never expected him to return on his behalf,” Spikak said. “When I saw him, I never thought he would return to work again.

During work, residents can find Garcia watching over Nueces County Hall. He said he would cherish for years to come, despite all the years he had built a bond with Spikaku.

“I gave her a hug, and she gave me a hug, just as we saw an old high school friend who was our best companion,” Garcia said.

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deputy and local nurse form special bond out of near death event Source link deputy and local nurse form special bond out of near death event

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