Derek Chauvin convicted of killing George Floyd

The jury convicted former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd. George Floyd’s death sparked a global protest against racial injustice last year.

45-year-old Chauvin convicted All three rates — Two and three murders and two manslaughter. The most serious second of the three murders can be sentenced to up to 40 years in prison.

Chauvin, wearing a gray suit, blue tie and mask, raised his forehead slightly when the verdict was read. He will be handcuffed and sentenced to eight weeks.

Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General, who led the prosecution, said after the verdict: “But we don’t call today’s verdict justice because justice means a true recovery. But it’s accountability and it’s the first step towards justice.”

The trial in Minneapolis Most carefully watched The proceedings in the United States have been in the years, and it is time for greater accountability after police killed colored races while performing their duties. Judge selection Starting on March 9th Opening statement It started on March 29th. Jury deliberates About 10 hours before announcing that they had reached the verdict.

Last May, white Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes and was arrested for using a counterfeit $ 20 bill.

Floyd’s family held a press conference shortly after the conviction was announced, with the addition of civil rights activist Al Sharpton and his lawyer Benjamin Crump.

“I was relieved that I finally had the opportunity to fall asleep today,” he said. Philonyse Floyd, George’s brother. “Many days I prayed, and I wanted, and I was telling everything to exist. I said,” I believe he will be convicted. “

President Joe Biden Called Floyd’s family After the verdict. “At least God, now we have justice,” he told them.

In a subsequent White House speech, Biden expressed relief in the results. He urged police reform, saying it could be a “moment of significant change.”

A large number of people gathered to hear the verdict outside the Minneapolis courthouse where the case was tried © Reuters

“It’s important to think for justice what justice looks like to George Floyd’s family,” said Ashley Howard, a professor at the University of Iowa, who studies the history of African-Americans in the Midwest. Told. “No belief will ever bring back their father, their partner, their friends, but if a conviction brings some closure to the family, they can call for that justice.”

Prior to the announcement, a crowd grew outside the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis. One led a familiar chat and shouted, “Tell him his name,” and the crowd replied, “George Floyd.”

Regardless of the jury’s decision, the city expected a protest. The government center has been barricaded with fences covered with bellows-shaped wire fence since March. National Guard increased troops in metropolitan areas last week following civil unrest. Northern suburbs rear Police shot A 20-year-old black man with a stopped transportation.

According to the Minnesota newspaper, six of the twelve juries were white, four were black, and two were multi-ethnic. Star Tribune.

Accusation against Derek Chauvin

Second unintentional murder The prosecutor demands that the defendant commit the murder while committing a felony — in the case of Chauvin, the suspect’s felony was assault. They did not have to prove their intention to kill, they only proved their intention to attack. The maximum penalty is 40 years in prison.

Third-class murderSentenced up to 25 years in prison applies to defendants who killed someone while committing “very dangerous” acts “and proving a corrupt spirit.”

Twice manslaughter You need to prove that the defendant acted in “negligence” by creating an “unjustice risk” of killing someone. If convicted, the defendant faces up to 10 years in prison.

The trial revolved around two issues: Chauvin’s Use of force Justified and the exact cause of Floyd’s death.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medallia Aradondo is in a position to condemn Chauvin’s actions, defense counsel Eric Nelson is “terrible but legal” in power, and Chauvin is a rational police officer in a similar situation. He said that it should be judged by what he did.

Prosecution witnesses cited suffocation as the main cause of death for Floyd.Inspector General Andrew Baker, Floyd Cardiopulmonary arrest While being detained by law enforcement. Chauvin’s lawyer said Floyd had died of a cardiac arrhythmia, noting previous health problems and substance use.

Race was a central element of the trial and its surrounding attention, although both prosecutors and lawyers sought to separate the proceedings from their broader social context. Police are rarely prosecuted when they kill someone on the job, Not to mention the conviction.

For Jada Brown, a Minneapolis protester who supported the diversion of police money to social welfare, Chauvin’s belief was “a first step. I don’t think it’s a victory.”

Derek Chauvin convicted of killing George Floyd

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