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After asking armed use experts and law enforcement witnesses for a few days about George Floyd’s death, the state is moving to medical testimony.

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  • The nation shifts from an armed use expert to medical testimony
  • Prosecutors have shown that Hennepin County Inspector General Dr. Andrew Baker will testify on Friday.
  • Attorneys suggested that Floyd said in a body camera video, “I ate too much medicine.”
  • After listening to a longer video clip, BCA agents believed that Floyd said “I don’t take medicine.”
  • BCA agents asked on-site about drugs in the vehicle, but could not find them until the second search.
  • The LAPD sergeant testified as an expert witness.

After a few days of hearing from law enforcement and expert witnesses about Derek Chauvin’s use of force against George Floyd and the drugs found in the field, the jury is presented with medical evidence and testimony about the cause of Floyd’s death.

In court on Wednesday, many of the testimonies from expert witnesses focused on the potential drug use of Floyd before being arrested by former police officer Chauvin on May 25, 2020.

Chauvin has been charged with two murders, two manslaughter and three murders for Floyd’s death.

The prosecutor called Dr. Martin Tobin to the stand Thursday morning. A Chicago-based doctor, Tobin is a nationally renowned specialist in breathing.

Before the jury arrived Thursday, the state told judges and lawyers to call Dr. Andrew Baker, an inspector general in Hennepin County, who had autopsied George Floyd, to the stand on Friday.

Attorney Eric Nelson introduced a new element to Wednesday’s trial. Suggests that George Floyd said the words “I ate too much medicine” While he was detained by the police.

LAPDSgt. Jody Steiger stood on the stand as a prosecution expert witness on the use of force by police. The defense asked him to confirm what Floyd had said. Police officers testified that they could not understand what was said based on police body camera footage.

The defense also played a video for another witness, the chief BCA agent responsible for investigating Floyd’s death. Special Agent James Rayerson agreed with the defense that Floyd sounds like saying “I ate too much medicine.”

After a break in court, the prosecutor recalled Ray Arson to the stand and saw a longer version of the video clip where he could hear the police officer’s previous comments. Ryanson said in context that Floyd seemed to say, “I don’t take medicine.”

George Floyd’s words are not recorded in Official body camera video transcript.. Prior to Floyd’s comment, police officers were discussing that they believed Floyd was high and found a pipe.

Live update

The prosecution called Dr. Martin Tobin to the stand as the first witness on Thursday. Tobin is a physician specializing in lung and critical care center in Chicago. Pulmonology is a study of the lungs, Tobin explained to the jury when he stood up.

Before the jury came to hear more testimony, the judge briefly reviewed the legal issues regarding defense and prosecution.

At that time, prosecutor Jerry Blackwell showed that the state would call Dr. Andrew Baker to the stand on Friday. Baker is an autopsy officer in Hennepin County who performed an autopsy on George Floyd.

Defenders asked BCA agents James Rayerson and Mackenzie Anderson about the pills found before Mercedes SUV Floyd was arrested, and police car police attempted to detain him. In each second search, one of them was prompted by defense.

Forensic chemist Susan Neith of NMS Labs also said that the levels of fentanyl in the pill are normal, but the levels of methamphetamine are much lower than she normally sees.

She said in tablets found in police cars, fentanyl was less than 1% and methamphetamine was 2.9% pure.

“In general, higher levels are seen in the methamphetamine samples I tested,” she said. “Most of the time I see 90-100% methamphetamine.”

The court will reopen Thursday morning at the Hennepin County Courthouse.

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Derek Chauvin trial: James Reyerson, McKenzie Anderson testified Source link Derek Chauvin trial: James Reyerson, McKenzie Anderson testified

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