DeSantis Signs Drastic Election Bill to Amend Florida Rules on Postal Voting and Dropbox

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a drastic bill Thursday morning to make some revisions to the state’s election process.

“Now I have what we consider to be the country’s strongest election integrity measure,” DeSantis told a crowd cheering in South Florida during a live signing ceremony on Fox News. Told. “We are proud of the progress we have made. We do not rely on our glory. And when I sign this bill here,” Florida, your vote is important. , Your vote will be cast with integrity and transparency.'”

The governor’s office barred other media from participating in the signature, which the governor’s spokesperson called “Fox monopoly.” The event was one of Outlet’s most popular shows and aired on “Fox & Friends,” which was frequently watched by former President Donald Trump.

The new law amends mail voting in Florida after a record 4.8 million Floridians voted by mail in the 2020 elections. Some argue that the new law specifically targets Democratic voters, as more Democrats voted by mail than Republicans.

Voters must provide either their driver’s license or state ID number, or the last four digits of their Social Security number when requesting a ballot. This same information is required to register to vote or to renew the voter’s registration.

Voting ballots need to be requested more often. Florida previously allowed postal ballot requests to continue for two general election cycles, but the new law requires voters to request ballots for each general election cycle. ..

There are some stricter rules governing where Dropbox can be placed, and Dropbox must be distributed to provide equal access to voters throughout the county. There is a limit to the amount of time you can access some Dropboxes. The dropbox on the early voting site is open only during early voting hours, but the supervisor’s office dropbox is always accessible. If voters can drop ballots, the dropbox must have employees from the Election Supervisory Office. Supervisors who do not follow the rules may face a $ 25,000 fine.

The final law did not include more controversial proposals, such as banning Dropbox altogether or requiring voters to show their ID when returning ballots. “I’m not a fan of Dropbox,” said DeSantis, but Congress said it wanted to keep Dropbox in place. He praised the fact that he needed to monitor when Dropbox was accessible.

The law also prohibits private funding for elections. It was targeted by Republicans in other states after companies funded counties and cities to help hold elections in 2020. It is an activity aimed at influencing voters by 150 feet and sets new requirements for resolving election proceedings.

The new law has already been challenged in court.Democratic lawyer Marc Elias said shortly after the law was signed, the Florida Women’s Voter Federation, the Black Voter Affairs Fund, the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans and Individual Voters Filed a complaint We are seeking an injunction from the US District Court in the Northern District of Florida.

“The SB90 is a bill aimed at solving non-existent problems, responding to dangerous lies about the 2020 elections, threatening the value of our most basic democracy, and ultimately, It makes it difficult to vote without proper justification for doing so, “says the complaint.

The Common Cause and NAACP are also expected to file a complaint in federal court, claiming that the law makes it more difficult for black, Latino, and disabled voters to vote.

Democrats including Governor Candidate Charlie CristThe provisions for postal voting came after the election, when the Democratic Party returned 680,000 more votes than the Republicans. In 2018 and 2016, Republicans returned slightly more postal ballots than Democrats.

On Wednesday, Florida law enforcement officials said investigators had “no evidence of criminal activity” from a group that was helping pay for former felony fines and fees that had to pay the balance before voting. Published the report. Research has found that there is no evidence that someone has promised to vote in exchange for paying the fee.Last year’s De Santis Asked the investigator To find out if former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg was involved in the donation, but the report said, “the donation from Bloomberg was not confirmed.”

Florida One of several states With a Republican-controlled legislature that is considering legislation to limit voting rights. Arizona, Michigan, and Texas are also considering changes to election law, including enforcing additional identity requirements, restricting access to Dropbox, and shrinking the voter pool.

New law comes after Georgia Enacted controversial election law Critics argue that it affects blacks and city voters disproportionately.

DeSantis Signs Drastic Election Bill to Amend Florida Rules on Postal Voting and Dropbox

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