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Cleveland, Ohio 2022-05-18 19:40:05 –

Houston (WJW) – Cleveland Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson Following the filing of 22 civil proceedings by a woman claiming sexual misconduct during a massage session, she refuses to have sex with any of the 18 massage therapists who publicly assisted him.

In April, a Texas judge ruled that Watson had to say if he had sex with 18 therapists. His answers and other questions were given to lawyers representing the 22 whistleblowers.

“We continue to argue that the sexual history of a third party who has not claimed to be illegal against Mr. Watson is completely irrelevant,” said Leah Graham, one of the lawyers, along with Rusty Hardin, who represents Watson. Said. “We identify and stand with the accused when court orders set a dangerous precedent and Mr. Watson was malicious by a woman improperly hiding behind an anonymous shield. I strongly feel that it effectively punishes individuals who are brave enough to do so. We seriously considered it attractive, but eventually decided to oppose it. Instead, follow court orders. In line with the therapist’s official statement, Mr. Watson provided the necessary context for him to evaluate the plaintiff’s allegations. . “

Two grand juries refused to prosecute a 26-year-old woman, but in criminal charges he still faces 22 civil proceedings from a woman accusing him of sexual misconduct.

“Slowly peel off all layers of this onion,” said Tony Busby, a lawyer representing the 22 whistleblowers. “We will make it public so that everyone can see it.”

Busby also said in a testimony record taken on May 13, Watson said the massage therapist had “sick eyes” at the end of the session.

“After the session, she cut it short, he sent a text of apology,” Buzbee said. “And he had to explain the text, why did you send the text to the therapist who apologized?”

According to the transcript of the deposit obtained by FOX8 I teamThe text says, “I’m sorry I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t intend. Please let me know if you want to work in the future. I apologize.”

In the deposit on May 13, Watson said the therapist had finished the session and did not know why.

“And I was.” That’s good. ‘And she went out. And, as I said, I got dressed. And that was it. So it wasn’t — I didn’t think much about it, ”Watson said in the Deposition.

Then was he asked if the therapist was crying? And he said “no”.

“That’s just me, I don’t know, it was just tears,” Watson’s testimony taker said. “She wasn’t like crying or hitting the ball. She was teary eyes, and I was confused about what was happening.”

He added that he sent a text message as she was trying to understand why she was in tears.

“Honestly, I’m still trying to understand it to this day,” Watson said. “You see it in a text message. She said she felt uncomfortable. I don’t know why she felt uncomfortable, but I still don’t know. I don’t know yet.”

Both lawyers say it is unlikely that the trial will be held until next spring.

The NFL is still investigating whether Watson has violated the league’s personal course of action. League investigators are in talks with Watson this week and it’s unclear when the investigation will be completed. If an investigator discovers that he has violated league policy, he may face suspension.

Busby added that there is more information to be released shortly on the case, including allegations that Watson paid someone to arrange a massage for him.

“The wall is approaching Deshaun Watson,” Busby said.

But Watson’s lawyers disagree, saying that quarterbacks didn’t do anything wrong.

“Deshaun Watson is a compassionate, compassionate person,” Graham said. “He did what he was alleged to do, and he is eager to reveal his name.”

Deshaun Watson denies having sex with 18 therapists Source link Deshaun Watson denies having sex with 18 therapists

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