Deshaun Watson’s disciplinary hearing may take several days: I-Team – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-06-28 18:56:24 –

Cleveland (WJW) – Disciplinary Hearing Beginning Tuesday Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson It may take a few days to complete, sources FOX8I-Team.

The hearing is held on Tuesday in front of a disciplinary officer jointly appointed by the NFL and the NFL Players Association. Hearings are expected to determine whether Watson has violated the league’s personal course of action and whether he should be disciplined.

According to sources, the hearing will take place that day and will continue on Wednesday, telling Team I.

Disciplinary hearings are set up as such, not court hearings. The hearing is overseen by a retired judge.

Player leagues and lawyers had to even follow strict rules about what evidence they would present to claim.

Watson’s case is the first to go through this process under the latest NFL Union contract.

He was informed a few days ago that the NFL recommends an unpaid and indefinite suspension for at least a year, some sources told the I-Team.

A 26 year old child can apply for a return after the end of the season.

Watson and the players’ union are trying to show why he doesn’t deserve a long suspension.

It is unclear when hearings will decide when Watson feels that he is in breach of the league’s personal course of action and should be disciplined. After the decision is made, both sides have three days to appeal.

Dozens of women sued Watson for sexual misconduct during a massage session. Watson denied that claim.

A lawyer representing all 24 whistleblowers said last week that 20 of these cases had been settled.

One of the unresolved women filed a proceeding against the Texans, alleging that the organization enabled his actions. Toi Garner filed a proceeding in the Harris County District Court on Monday.

The I-Team contacted the Texans to discuss the proceedings. A spokesman for the organization issued a statement saying they knew the proceedings.

“Since March 2021, we have fully supported and complied with law enforcement agencies and various investigations,” the statement said. “We will continue to take the necessary steps to address allegations against our organization.”

The proceedings also talk about the Browns and the NFL.

“Watson, a prominent player publicly accused of assaulting more than 20 women, was actively tracked by multiple teams and eventually received one of the most favorable contracts in NFL history.” Said the proceedings. “Although it claims to have done extensive due diligence, there were no questions from the victim Watson’s new employer about Watson’s alleged actions, such as getting police files. No effort was made to speak to the investigator. “

Team I contacted Browns officials. A Browns spokesman said the claim was not true. Browns officials say the organization hired a third party to review police reports and conduct a thorough background check before Watson was offered the contract.

The proceedings further state that NFL investigators spoke to one-third of alleged victims.

Deshaun Watson’s disciplinary hearing may take several days: I-Team Source link Deshaun Watson’s disciplinary hearing may take several days: I-Team

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