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Skyscrapers quickly collapsed while rescue teams were pulling many survivors from under the rubble piles of the country’s southern peninsula. Photo provider: iStockphoto / NNPA


In Haiti, despair brought despair following a deadly earthquake that killed more than 2,100 people and a tropical cyclone that further destroyed the island nation.

Relief was still inadequate, and residents were reportedly very impatient and attacked supply vehicles and caravans carrying former President Michel Martelly, who had visited a hospital in Les Cayes to provide supplies.

The United Nations estimates that 40% of Haiti’s 12 million inhabitants need emergency assistance, but flash floods and landslides threaten many rescue workers with illness and illness. WesComfort, the recovery and response leader at Heart to Heart International, told Time Magazine that his medical team chose to sleep in the hood of the car to protect themselves.

“Everyone is very wary of sleeping indoors,” Comfort declared. “We went out to camp and heard the aftershocks rattle on the tin roof of the mayor’s office.”

Most of Haiti has been hit by 15 inches of rain, causing floods and deadly landslides, according to meteorological officials. Skyscrapers quickly collapsed while rescue teams were pulling many survivors from under the rubble piles of the country’s southern peninsula.

“I am saddened by the catastrophic earthquake that struck Saint Louis Dushud in Haiti at a difficult time already for the people of Haiti,” President Joe Biden said in a statement.

“I would like to extend my deepest condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one or destroyed a home or company. I nominated you to do it. “

Through USAID, President Biden said he would support efforts to assess the damage and support efforts to recover the injured and those who currently need to be rebuilt. Haiti has been unprecedentedly damaged in recent years by past earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Earlier this summer, Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise was assassinated at home. The president’s murder began a barbaric search for his assassin, plunging the country into political turmoil.

Many parts of the country are suffering from poverty, and it is reported that violence by gangsters is widespread.

The quake occurred near the town of Petit Tordonips, not far from the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The cities of Les Cayes and Jeremy were struck by the wrath of the earthquake. Scientists reportedly said the quake had a depth of 7 miles and that residents 200 miles away in Jamaica felt tremors.

Magnitude 7.2 surpassed the 2010 catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, which was measured to be 7.0. Getting help from Haiti is paramount.

World Central Kitchen, located in the Northwest of Washington, DC, will distribute 30,000 meals per day in a country devastated by earthquakes and storms.

Nate Tomook, CEO of World Central Kitchen, said: Mook said JetBlue provided the plane to a nonprofit organization for the mission.

World Central Kitchen uses local ingredients to cook traditional Haitian dishes such as chicken and vegetable stews on top of Haitian rice and beans. The organization plans to deliver meals to hospitals, paramedics, and families.

The Red Cross responded to that. International organizations have provided first aid and shelter, as well as support for search and rescue operations.

“Preventing and controlling COVID-19 infections and ensuring access to water, sanitation and sanitation are essential for volunteers on the ground,” a Red Cross official said in a statement.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has sent Haiti 15 tonnes of essentials and more than 37 tonnes of assistance, including shelter tool kits, tarpaulins, buckets, jerrycans, kitchen sets, blankets and personal protective equipment. rice field. And mosquito nets.

The Red Cross said authorities have activated the humanitarian corridor in the Dominican Republic and collected pre-arranged non-food (NFI) for at least 4,500 people.

“The United States remains an intimate and lasting friend of the people of Haiti, and we will be there in the aftermath of this tragedy,” Biden declared.

Desperation and despair in Haiti as relief efforts stall Source link Desperation and despair in Haiti as relief efforts stall

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