Despite Beasley’s fourth-quarter heroics, Timberwolves again doomed by early defensive woes – Twin Cities

2021-02-09 00:03:40 –

Malik Beasley used nuclear weapons in Dallas in the fourth quarter of Wednesday.

The Sharpshooter scored 7-22 points in eight shots in the final frame, the second highest fourth-quarter point in Timberwolves history. He raised Minnesota to an astonishing 45-point final frame.

“He’s a monster,” said Jalen Norwell. “In every shot he took, he turned back to the bench as follows! Appears!’He brings the different energies we absolutely need. He’s a big part of our comeback. Occupied. ”

And, thanks to another late start, it was still, for some reason, not enough for the wolf.

The Timberwolves started the game on Saturday against Oklahoma City, scoring over 40 points each quarter. This is the first 43 points and the second 40 points.

Best of all, the lack of a defensive show is why Minnesota fell to Thunder 120-118.

Much of the story after the contest was about the need to bring the energy that Timberwolves brought to the game as a whole, especially in the last 24 minutes of the game, especially in the defensive end.

And Minnesota went to Dallas in the first quarter on Monday and surrendered when Kristaps Porzingis torched the wolf in the first 12 minutes … 43 points.

Typical of déjà vu.

Furthermore, Minnesota dug too big a hole on the way to the loss of 127-122 to Mavericks.

“We understand that the first quarter will not be accepted as a start or approach to the game,” said Timberwolves coach Ryan Sounders.

Porzingis finished with 27 points, 13 rebounds and 6 blocks. Luka Doncic, Tim Hardaway Jr., Josh Richardson and Porzingis scored a total of 95 points, with Dallas (11-14) shooting 52% off the field.

Due to Beasley’s surge, Minnesota was within five in the second half of the game, but that’s all it’s going to get closer to. Recovering from a 25-point deficit is not an easy task. The wolf tried to make it a habit to do so. That’s bad.

Not only did he try to overcome the huge deficit without Karl-Anthony Towns while participating in the Health and Safety Protocol, D’Angelo Russell played the first five minutes of Monday and played the match with his left foot. I didn’t play anymore after leaving. pain. Remember that the quadriceps injury that caused Russell to miss the match was on his left leg.

“He was going to go out at normal time (1 day) and back (3 minute mark). He said he had a pain in his leg. He was going to get to work,” Sanders said. “A few minutes later he was told he wouldn’t come back. So far, there’s no more information.”

It moved Ricky Rubio to a heavier workload, splitting the rest of the point guard mission, leaving Norwell and Anthony Edwards in the absence of Jordan McLaughlin.

Edwards finished with 22 points and 5 assists, while Norwell scored 18 points with a 6-9 shot. The successful intervention of the first and second year guards in Russell’s absence was positive in Sanders’ book, and the team was determined to fight back in the game again.

What Minnesota (6-18) did in the last two defeats was the opposite of how he handled a similar situation at the beginning of the season, when the situation was barely shown. Norwell said Sanders “lit a fire” under the team during the break.

“That’s what we want from this group. We need to fix the first quarter, but someone told me when coaching a young team. You teach at three levels. “I will.” Saunders said. “From teaching to compete at the NBA level, to running and winning, and teaching the criteria for the championship. We have to compete for 48 minutes, but I have 36 men. I don’t know how proud I am, but the character’s victory won’t get anything in this league, but that means growth. ”

Minnesota hopes to win a few wins, especially on the night when Beasley scored 30 points, nine rebounds and six assists.

“We needed his lift,” Sanders said. “I know that when you have a guy like Karl or D’Angelo, you need Malik to spend a big night. He grew up late in the game, but that wasn’t enough. “

Despite Beasley’s fourth-quarter heroics, Timberwolves again doomed by early defensive woes – Twin Cities Source link Despite Beasley’s fourth-quarter heroics, Timberwolves again doomed by early defensive woes – Twin Cities

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