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Austin, Texas >> Republicans across the country are pushing ahead with efforts to strengthen voting laws, despite growing warnings from business leaders that they could adversely affect democracy and economic conditions. ..

More than 50 companies and organizations, including parts of Texas, issued an open letter on Tuesday, protesting “any changes” that would make voting in that state difficult. Signed by American Airlines, Microsoft, HP, Patagonia, Levi Strauss and others, the letter is in the midst of voting on a bill that critics will put a disproportionate burden on minority and disabled voters. It is in.

“We believe that the right to vote is sacred. When more people participate in our democratic process, we will all prosper,” the letter said. “The growth of free businesses is directly related to the freedom of citizens.”

The statement did not state its opposition to the particular law proposed in Texas. Nonetheless, it corresponds to the cautious condemnation of lawmakers using former President Donald Trump’s false allegations about elections stolen to make voting difficult.

Texas has emerged as the next major battlefield in the voting battle. The Texas House is a bill that effectively targets Harris County, the home of Houston and a democratic hub, shortly this week after authorities dramatically expanded voting options in the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. I was able to vote for. The Texas Senate is pursuing its own package, and the two chambers may head to a compromise committee to produce the final version.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott has expressed widespread support for this effort.

Texas will sign a voting bill passed last week by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, following other Republican-led states such as Georgia, Iowa, and Florida. On Monday, the Republican-led legislature in Kansas overturned the Democratic Governor’s veto to approve the voting law. Arizona is also considering legislation, and Ohio Republicans will introduce a proposed package this week.

The details of the bill vary from state to state, but follow a similar pattern that makes it harder to vote by mail or absentee ballot. Voters from both parties have long used these methods to vote, but Democrats are more likely to vote remotely in 2020. This is the fact that has spurred the Republican crackdown.

In Texas, one measure eliminates drive-through voting used by more than 127,000 people around Houston in last year’s early voting. Some Democrats estimate that more than half of these voters are black, Latino-American, or Asian-American. Republicans also want to give partisan pollsters a wider latitude and felony sending mail ballot applications to households that election managers did not request, as Harris County attempted during the pandemic. I think.

Democrats are urging companies to use their influence to influence the debate — although companies are split by jumping into partisan battles. Statements issued by businesses have so far rarely upset voting-related proposals, opening a rift between the Republican Party and its former business ally.

Texas companies call themselves fair elections Texas, proclaiming that elections should be “convenient, transparent, and safe,” and their agenda is to prevent fraud and build voter confidence. I agreed with the Republican party’s claim. Election results.

At the same time, the group called on “all elected leaders” to “make democracy more accessible,” and said it “opposed changes that would restrict voters’ access to ballots.”

Todd Coerver, CEO of Texas-based fast-food chain P-Terry’s Burger Stand, said the company would sign a letter due to a “swell” of legislation aimed at changing voting laws across the United States. He said it was easier.

Facilitating voting is part of P-Terry’s culture, Coerver said, with restaurants organizing ride-sharing during the November elections, with the company’s more than 900 people, mostly minority employees. He added that he allowed members to enter the ballot box. And they were able to use their company time to vote.

“For us, this wasn’t necessarily a political statement,” Coerver said. “We see it as a human rights initiative, not a political issue.”

Georgia became a national flashpoint for election procedures when it became the first state to adopt overhaul. Under important provisions, the state will now replace the signature match program and require voter identification to apply for and then cast an absentee ballot. Georgia authorities have also effectively restricted ballot dropboxes for metropolitan counties when compared to 2020 figures.

After the bill was signed, Georgia-based Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola criticized the bill and offended Republicans. Republican Governor Brian Kemp, who faced re-election in 2022, blasted an American company by succumbing to a “cultural cancellation.”

In Arizona, where Republicans are pushing for election bill slate, corporate lobbying is more modest. It remains to be seen if the majority of their narrow Capitol is sufficient to adopt significant changes.

Trump beat Texas and Florida Democrat Joe Biden, but Democrats have continued to narrow the gap between Texas parties in recent cycles, Florida remains on the battlefield and is new to Republicans in both states. Encourages you to pursue limits.

DeSantis, Trump’s ally, is expected to sign a bill that tightens the voter ID requirements for absentee ballots. Florida’s business lobby, strongly influenced by the tourism industry, remains mostly mothers, and some Republicans in the state have very established practices among older Floridians throughout the political spectrum. He said that making absentee ballots difficult could backfire.

Republican efforts extend to states where Trump has won with an undisputed margin. In Kansas, Republicans have submitted a bill this week overturning Democratic Governor Laura Kelly’s veto, making it difficult for individuals and groups to collect absentee ballots and deliver them to voters. It would now be a misdemeanor for someone to collect and return more than 10 votes in Kansas, where Trump won 15 percentage points.

In Ohio, where Trump has won nearly double digits, Republicans will announce a package that eliminates early voting days, increases voter ID requirements, and bans ballots from being placed outside local election offices. is. However, Ohio Republicans claim that it also includes other provisions advocated by the bipartisan Election Commission and voting groups.

Despite business warnings, GOP moves ahead with voting bills Source link Despite business warnings, GOP moves ahead with voting bills

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