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Madison, Tennessee (WKRN) – Three tattooed friends have formed a dream team in Davidson County.

Each of their careers was dramatically influenced by COVID-19. That led them to the “top of the pandemic.” Photographer Laura Schneider, married musicians Doug and Terisha Williams have found new goals in their new business. They are currently the owners of Dreamers Nashville Food Truck.

The trio has sealed a tattoo partnership that matches the new business.

“It’s a dream reminder. If I put something on my body, that means it. It serves as a vow to our community, as a reminder. All of these are communities It started as a way to serve the community, “says Schneider.

Terisha told News 2 that the idea of ​​opening a food truck naturally came to the group. “We took the meal plan we use in our daily lives and turned it into a business.”

Terisha said the first day of service brought her to tears. “I was in Cloud Nine when I offered my first order to a customer. It was my ability to serve our community again. I felt very right.”

As soon as their dreams began, nightmares continued. Just a week after starting the business, friends arrived at the Jackalope Brewing Company on Huston Street and saw smoke swirling from the truck.

Doug told News 2 he couldn’t believe his eyes. “The suspension somehow shifted and the tires rubbed well inside the wheels and got hot enough to light the fire inside. We were blowing fire extinguishers. The fire department was great. They did a great job. They brought in a big hose and preserved the look of the trailer. We are grateful to them. ”

Schneider said she had a tricky relationship with fire. She has lived in California for five years and has seen many homes destroyed by fire. “It’s a club that no one wants to join. I’m really, really, really lucky to be able to talk about it here. It’s both devastation and gratitude in the same hands.”

According to Terisha, dreamers took recoverable ingredients and made 38 meals for the homeless. “We were preparing food all weekend. We were going to serve for a whole week and on Friday and Saturday. The weekend was ready for the ingredients. We were in the past. We’ve been working with the homeless community for several years, and we thought we could connect with that community and turn these ingredients into food. ”

Dreamers told News 2 that they don’t know what else they can recover at this time. However, they are determined to recover so that they can continue to serve the communities they love.

“It was still smoking and we seemed to be rebuilding, and it would work. There were no conversations or questions. We’ll be back. We’re surrounded and embraced by the community. We feel that we are more determined to continue to serve the community than ever before, “Schneider said.

They want to keep moving forward with the dream of helping those in need in the future.

“We have survived tornadoes and floods. It’s a community that never recedes from challenges. No one hesitated to jump in and help,” Doug said.

“This message is here incorporated into the design of our trucks and reminds us to keep dreaming. It feels like a message we need to send to someone else. Just dream. Keep watching and don’t stop. ”

If you would like to donate to a dreamer, click here.

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Despite devastating fire, food truck owners hope to carry out their dream of serving Nashville Source link Despite devastating fire, food truck owners hope to carry out their dream of serving Nashville

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