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Despite the pandemic, the 120th bell game rings – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2020-10-16 00:47:42 –

Pueblo — The wait is almost over at Dutch Clark Stadium on Friday night (7 pm) and the bell rings again.

“Having a bell is just a sense of accomplishment,” said Siaha Sentz, senior defensive lineman at Wildcats. “We won the bell game, and that’s our award, the bell.”

This is the 120th meeting between Pueblo Central and Centennial and is probably the most unusual. The COVID-19 pandemic limits rival games, which typically attract 13,000 to 15,000 fans, to 350.

“It’s not as big as usual, it’s going to be different,” said Daniel Calkins, a senior bulldog attack lineman. “But still the bell game, still Centennial vs. Central. We’re going to have fun.”

These historic schools have experienced a lot in high school football contests for over a century. Central is currently leading the entire timeline of 57-53-9.

Bulldogs junior tight end Ethan Galegos said, “It’s always great to have a crowd there. It has a big impact on how we play.” “Without the crowd, it’s who wants it more. You can focus a little more.”

Neither team has won early in the season. This match represents an opportunity to join the board and add bragging rights. Now the bell is painted blue after Wildcats blanked the bulldog 23-0 in 2019.

“You know the energy is still high. We’re fighting for Bell,” said John Butkovich, senior attack lineman at Wildcats. “The audience is like a big factor in that, but we still have to play for Bell. We are all pretty motivated.”

“There’s nothing we want other than painting the bell red again,” Calkins said.

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