Destroy the third murder wasp nest in a battle to save bees Washington | Washington

The day after the discovery by an entomologist, the third giant Asian wasp nest was discovered in Washington State. The second..

Washington State Agriculture Department tweeted On Saturday it is planning to eradicate the nest and there will be more updates soon.

The giant hornet is an invasive species also known as the homicidal wasp because it preys on small insects. It is difficult to find their nests as they tend to be in forest areas. In the United States, they pose a special threat to native wasp species and honeybees.

If left unchecked, wasps can destroy bee hives in a matter of hours, eat larvae that scientists call the “slaughter stage,” and decapitate bees. The Hornets then give his child a severed body part.

It can also be harmful to the human body and even cause death. One entomologist describes the sensation of being stung by a murderous wasp as “pushing a hot stud into my flesh.” They can also shed poison.

The Washington State Agricultural Workers Department has two giant Asian wasps vacuumed from trees in Blaine, Washington. Photo: Elaine Thompson / AP

Last year, Washington state entomologist Chris Rooney was tasked with vacuuming the Hornets. Said to the guardian They said, “Even an inch and a half insect was pretty intimidating … they motivate me.”

Washington State Officials, August 26 Presentation They destroyed their first nest of the season near the town of Brain on the Canadian border.

The nest was found at the base of a dead alder tree in the countryside of Whatcom County, about two miles from the eradicated nest. October last year Approximately a quarter mile from where residents reported live sightings August 11th of this year.

Authorities were able to find the first nest in 2021 after attaching trackers to three wasps. The eradication process vacuumed 113 wasps from the nest, removed bark and rotten trees near the roots of the trees, and revealed a nine-layer comb.

The part of the tree that contained the nest was cut off and taken to the Washington State University Extension in Bellingham for further analysis. The nest contained a total of about 1,500 wasps at various stages of development, officials said.

“We are pleased to find and eradicate this nest earlier this season, but this detection demonstrates how important public reporting remains.” Said For the first nest, Washington State managed entomologist Sven Spichiger.

“We expect there to be more nests there, and thus hope to find them before they can spawn a new queen. Your report is me It may lead us to the nest. “

Destroy the third murder wasp nest in a battle to save bees Washington | Washington

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