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Donald Trump uses the dying embers of his U.S. president to rush through a procession of environmental protection rollbacks that critics claim to consolidate his legacy as an extraordinarily destructive force on nature. I am.

Trump hasn’t yet acknowledged his presidential defeat in the election to Joe Biden, but his administration has drilled more oil and gas, loosened wildlife protection, and loose air pollution before the Democratic Party entered. The White House on January 20 is busy finishing a horde of regulatory measures to contain the standards.

Trump’s Home Office is rushing to auction the right to drill into America’s last pristine wilderness, the vast Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary in Tundra, northern Alaska. The shelter, home to polar bears, caribou and 200 species of birds, is off limits to fossil fuel companies, but the Trump administration has taken billions of barrels of oil, believed to be on the coast of the region. We are keen to provide leases for extraction. region.

Reese can not only result in large amounts of carbon emissions, but can also overturn the long-standing lifestyle of the local Gwichin tribe, which relies on caribou to migrate nutrients. Several major banks, which are lobbying violently by Gwich’in and conservationists, have refused to fund drilling in shelters, but industry groups are optimistic that the area will be opened up.

The plane flies over Caribou in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary in northeastern Alaska. Photo: US Fish and Wildlife Service / AP

The government has also paved the way for excavation around the Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, which is considered a sanctuary for the Navajo and Pueblo tribes living near New Mexico and is subject to an important environmental law known as the National Environmental Policy Act. I will. , To enable more logging and road construction in national forests.

Trump has previously shrunk federal reserves as part of an “energy-dominated” mantra that the president claims to strengthen the US economy.

Meanwhile, the safety regulations for offshore drilling that came into force after the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have been discontinued. The risk of catastrophic and uncontrolled spills is highest in the Arctic, and sea ice retreats have moved some fossil fuel companies to areas with little cleanup and rescue infrastructure.

The Trump administration also maintains air quality standards that have been widely criticized by experts for being inadequate to protect communities from the soothing pollution that comes from cars, trucks and heavy industry. Many cities in the United States are plagued by environmental injustice, with poorly colored communities routinely located near factories, highways, and other sources of pollution.

The vehicle travels on the 101 Highway in Los Angeles, California.

The vehicle travels on the 101 Highway in Los Angeles, California.Photo: Robin Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Regulatory rampages range from the sky to the grasslands to the ocean. The U.S. Navy is reviewing fines for those who kill migratory birds while endangered whales are inadvertently given the freedom to harass ships with explosions and speeding during war game exercises. .. Along the west coast.

Plans to significantly reduce the protection of Greater Sage-Finger in the western United States have been finalized, endangering the once-common habitat of birds, known for their chicken-sized and ornate mating dances. I will. “These people are keen to excavate, mine, and hand over the last shelter of the disappearing Greater Sage Chrysanthemum,” said Michael Sole, senior attorney at the Center for Biodiversity. “It’s disgusting, transparent and illegal.”

Richard Leves, a professor of environmental law at New York University, said the current administration’s actions “have a very negative impact on the environment.” “Trump’s counterproductive behavior has made it possible to endanger the health of many Americans, especially in the most vulnerable communities, by intensifying the climate crisis and ignoring the threat of pollution,” he said. Added.

Trump’s last-month scorched earth operation is a four-year legacy where climate policy has been dismantled, clean air and water rules have been reduced, and a corps of depressed federal scientists has decided to resign or resign. Will make it worse.

“The Trump administration has spent four years attacking all protections against our air, water, land, wildlife and climate,” said Earthjustice, vice president of litigation, a non-profit legal organization. Jirta Uber says.

People will visit the Griffith Observatory in June 2019 on a day rated as

People will visit the Griffith Observatory in June 2019 on a day rated as “moderate” air quality in Los Angeles, California.Photo: Mario Tama / Getty Images

“No administration is so bad for our environment and the country’s public health,” added Leah Donnahei, legislator for the Alaska Wilderness League.

Biden could overturn some of Trump’s actions, vowed to limit drilling on federal land, and to rejoin the Paris Agreement, which excluded the United States from incumbents. Biden calls climate variability a “threat that exists” in the wake of a year of wildfires in California and a record number of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, but says it will pass a drastic climate bill. His ambition rests on the upcoming special US Senate. Elections in Georgia are likely to remain under Republican control.

Even if the rollback correction is successful, it must survive as a surge in proceedings, and the US Supreme Court is now decisively titled in a conservative direction. All of this absorbs time during periods when scientists say that planetary heating emissions must be reduced rapidly to avoid the worst of the climate crisis. “Trump’s legacy of environmental issues isn’t about permanent policy changes, it’s about lost time and lost opportunities,” Leves said.

Destructive Legacy: Trump Bid for Final Environmental Protection Hacking | US News

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