Details of the 2022 Volvo C40, a smooth and styled XC40

  • Exterior and interior styling will be the central setting for the new Volvo electric crossover.
  • Smart storage options and a powerful dual-motor electric drivetrain make the C40 an attractive option for electric vehicle shoppers.
  • C40 shares practicality XC40 recharge However, it is packaged in a sophisticated and romantic look inspired by the Swedish landscape.

    The Volvo C40 Recharge can be ordered in one of seven different colors, but it’s a mistake to choose anything other than Fjord Blue. Not only is it fun to say, but it also matches the pop Cerulean interior, like the silk lining of a vintage overcoat. This is a fashion statement not found in cars below the level of bespoke Rolls-Royce, a fun change from the monochromatic minimalism that has been used in the cabins of electric vehicles.

    Charge Volvo’s C40 and XC40 charging models at the charging station.


    It’s not advisable to choose a car just for a pretty interior, but if you go that route, you can certainly justify it with a C40. Even without the use of blue, the layout inside the C40 is the same as the innovative and orderly design I liked with Volvo’s first all-electric SUV, the XC40 Recharge. The seats are soft, spacious and free of leather. Available in soft wool upholstery or in combination with synthetic leather and synthetic leather microtech trim. The door panel pocket is large enough for your laptop, and the wireless charging phone pad can hold both large and small cells. If you prefer connected charging, there’s a small clip above the USB port to help you organize your cords.

    Everything in that place is the theme of C40. The glove box has hanging hooks for purses and shopping bags that can be folded when not needed. Get rid of unwanted stuff with snap-in spots for pens, three different slots for parking tickets and other easily lost and needed cards and paper, and a removable trash can on the console. You can also.

    Elana ShellCar and driver

    The rear seats have ample headroom with a lowered roofline, and the doors are mounted on the outside of the car, adding space for children to sit in or step into their child seats. The same outer hinge approach was used for the rear hatch, preventing loss of rear headroom and giving the designer an excuse to use a cool little winglet roof cover. The rear cargo space is not dramatic, but it is slightly smaller than the XC40 with a square roof. The C40 also features the clever cargo hooks and storable cargo covers that the vehicle loves.

    Bag holding aid.

    Elana ShellCar and driver

    If Volvo follows the more common car naming conventions, the C40 is called the “XC40 Recharge Coupe” because it shares a compact modular architecture (CMA) platform and a dual-motor all-electric AWD powertrain with its crossover. There is a possibility. It packages them under a sleek, curved roofline. Unlike the XC40 Recharge, which can also be used as a gas-powered SUV, the C40 is only available in the Recharge All-Electric format. The C40 has its own designation, either because the designer wanted to emphasize the change in personality from the more upright square XC40, or because he believed that the coupe was reserved for two doors.

    I couldn’t drive the new model, but I know it will provide the same total of 402 horsepower as the XC40 in the same chassis, so it’s safe to work as well with acceleration, range, comfortable and balanced driving characteristics. You can guess. .. Volvo claims that it takes 4.7 seconds from 0 mph to 60 mph, an estimated distance of 208 mph, and an XC40 charging time of 40 minutes to 80 percent. The C40 is expected to be the same or slightly better.

    Volvo’s main move with the XC40 Recharge was the development currently in use with the C40, using the integrated operating system Google Android Auto. Instead of simply mirroring cells, drivers can log in with their Google ID and instantly access maps, contacts, music, and Google voice recognition with or without a phone connection. This is the same system used in. Pole star 2..

    2022 Volvo c40 recharge


    Fans of knobs and buttons may find the C40’s sleek touchscreen interface unattractive, but surrounded by backlit texture trim that feeds across the dash and around the front door panel. Looks nice. The trim design is based on a topographic map of Sweden’s Abyssco National Park in case you need a little trivia quiz for your passengers.

    Volvo is currently accepting reservations for the C40 online and will announce prices and trim levels. We expect the XC40 to be above the $ 55,085 starting point. Chubby electricity delivery is expected in the first quarter of 2022.

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Details of the 2022 Volvo C40, a smooth and styled XC40

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