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Las Vegas — The recording of the newly released 911 Call from the night of the UNLV Fraternity Amateur Charity Boxing Event sheds more light on what happened shortly after the participants collapsed.

He died a few days later.

Nathan Valencia, 20, died on November 23 after participating in a boxing match on November 19.

His death was sentenced to murder by the coroner’s office.

“Mr. Valencia’s death is tragic, but the circumstances surrounding his death are not criminal and will not be prosecuted,” the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said in a statement in a statement.

According to the agency, the definition of murder is “the act of human beings killing others,” and there was no information that there was a crime on the part of the venue.

Meanwhile, the Nevada Athletic Commission is investigating the “Fight Night” event.

Below is a record of the 911 calls obtained by 13 Action News and provided by Clark County. According to HIPAA, the transcript has been shortened for clarity and some of the recordings have been edited.

Sender: We are at the Sahara Event Center. There is a roller hockey rink. I need a Medic here as it is now.

911 Operator: What is the number you are calling? What’s wrong?

Sender: So we are hosting a night of battle for a charity of fraternity, and something has happened, and we don’t know what happened. There was an outbreak of battle and one of the fighters was actually injured. The address is 800 Karen Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109.

operator: Well, I want to make sure this wasn’t like assault when you said you were hosting a combat event, right?

Sender: No, it’s not an assault.

operator: all right. Are you with the patient now?

Sender: Yes.

operator: I’ve already started helping, just a few questions. Do you have serious bleeding?


operator: Is he completely vigilant?


operator: OK. You already have a paramedic. Just stay on the phone. Here’s exactly what to do next. Be careful not to move him unless he is in danger.


Sender: He is in the ring. There are only eight people in the ring here. Everyone else is out. There are nurses here, but they need real medical care.

operator: I understand, and they’re already on the road, okay? They are coming to you guys, lights and sirens. Don’t check anything-

Sender: How much do you know

operator: Well, they have lights and sirens coming, so it’s going to be a short time before they get there, okay? They are not far from you. He has nothing to eat or drink. It may make him sick or cause further problems.

Sender: They said they would give him water. Like a lot of water.

operator: No, no, no — don’t.

Sender: There is no water!

operator: And don’t move him unless it’s absolutely necessary. all right?

Sender: all right.

operator: Well, I’m willing to stay in touch with you, okay? As much as I can. Observe him carefully and look for any changes.

Around 5 minutes of the call, the operator said, “It looks like an ambulance is there. They’re going to grab your equipment, and they’ll be in soon. I need to tell me right away. I’m in”

About a minute later, the caller asked, “What the hell did you hit? Is it the main event of the fight that took place at the last event? To be honest, I was in the VIP section.” , And something like a civil battle broke, but everyone is fine there. And suddenly he is on the floor. “

In about 6 minutes and 30 seconds, the caller asks, “Why did I need to call 9-1-1?”

The operator reassures her by saying, “Because you are the calmest person to do it for me.”

At 6 minutes and 50 seconds, the caller confirms, “Now, the rescuer is here.”

“Fight Night” was held by the Kappa Sigma Friendship Society, whose activities were suspended during the investigation of the incident. Its International Headquarters is also considering whether the local branch is in compliance with internal policies and standards.

UNLV has since announced that it will begin investigating new safety protocols. The university has more than 300 student groups and is currently considering the safety of all student groups.

Scripps’ Las Vegas Station KTNV first reported this story.

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