Details of the Medic to Save Harina Hutchins-Hollywood Life

‘The injury report submitted by Rust’s Onset Medic provides details about the tragedy that occurred on the western Alec Baldwin set.

New injury report obtained by The Wall Street Journal Provides more insight into deadly shooting in a set of Alec BaldwinWestern movie, rust.. Actor, 63, Fire a prop gun Killed cinematographer after being told there was no live round while on location in New Mexico on October 21st Harina Hutchins And the injured director Joel Sousa, That was discharged.Onset medic Sharin Schaefers injury report Provides details of the aftermath of the accident.

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According to the report, injury reports are submitted after all onset injuries for sharing with film-related unions and other organizations. When Schaefer hears the “loud shot,” he says, “Are you rehearsing? Because” fire in the hole “wasn’t called.” Refers to the phrase used in. When she heard of a “medical emergency,” she “ran” to church as a set for the scene after her first lunch. There she discovered that Hutchins had been shot.

According to reports of injuries, Schaefer instructed the crew to pressure Hutchins’ wounds and call 911. She found two wounds, placed an oxygen mask on Hutchins’ face, and began checking vitals before being blown off on Gurney. The University of New Mexico Hospital by helicopter. The cinematographer succumbed to her injury. She was 42 years old. A Search warrant submitted Immediately after the incident, it became clear that Alec and the assistant director who handed him a prop gun were unaware that it was loaded.

Harina Hutchins
Harina Hutchins (Shutterstock)

According to an affidavit filed in Santa Fe court last week, the assistant director handed Alec a prop gun and shouted “cold gun” (indicating that the weapon had no live ammunition) before it was fired. The prop gun was one of the three installed for shooting.Previous report from Los Angeles Times I drew a dark picture of the set It was full of problems before the accident. For example, accidental launches of prop guns or crew members leaving to protest poor working conditions.

The outlet reported that non-union workers had appeared in place of the crew members who had left.Spokesman rustIn a statement issued to the WSJ, the production company said in response to the accidental accusation: shut down. “

Details of the Medic to Save Harina Hutchins-Hollywood Life

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