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Riverside, California 2021-09-16 19:42:37 –

Texas, USA — The TikTok viral trend is pervading schools in North Texas, and admins aren’t very happy with it.

In some districts, students reportedly steal common items from schools, soap dispensers seem to be big targets, and there is a tendency for “Devious Lick” or “Bathroom Challenge” to show off illegal collections on social media. I am working on.

Or they commit other “vandalism”. One principal explained it in a letter to his family.

She warned her family because Sanger High School principal Jenny Flair said she had noticed multiple reports of behavior consistent with school trends.

“As a strong and intimate community, we encourage families to talk to their children about social media, current trends, and how these epidemics will ultimately affect their future. Please, “she explained at the letter house. “Please be aware that damage or theft may be reported to local law enforcement agencies and that consequences may occur if school staff determine who is responsible for campus theft or damage. “

Allen Independent School District officials said in a letter sent to their families that they too had problems with this trend. So they raised Ante, saying that anyone who caught participating in the trend would face more serious consequences than previous punishments for campus vandalism.

Students may currently be suspended or assigned to “alternative settings”. Also, if school officials believe they are the culprit, they may need to deal with local law enforcement agencies. Students are also responsible for “return”.

Waxahachie ISD Said earlier this week Some students “destroyed” 14 toilets at Waxahachie High School, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

“Waxahachie ISD and Waxahachie Police Department will investigate this thoroughly and pursue punishment for all students involved to the maximum extent of both WISD’s Code of Conduct and Criminal Code,” the district said in a Facebook post. ..

School districts in northern Texas aren’t the only ones dealing with viral trends. It’s happening in schools all over the country. USA TODAY report.

As part of that, TikTok told USA TODAY that it removed content containing #deviouslick and other related hashtags and redirected users to community guidelines for such behavior.

However, even after a quick search, there are many videos showing related behavior using “sound” with the challenge, which is a remix of LilB’s “SkiSkiBasedGod”, especially without hashtags. There are many versions of the remix in the app and TikTok seems to be targeting them, but users can easily post new versions of the same sound.

If you’re a digital native, finding variations isn’t hard. One variation of the app, Original Sound-Mint Tea, had about 128,000 videos as of noon Thursday at the time of writing this article. But by 12:40 pm, the sound had been removed.

There is Lots of parody videos I’m still teasing trends and others complaining about antiques.

Some videos, whether parody or not, have been played millions of times.

Show stolen goods Include COVID-19 test And with more mundane things like masks, “Wet floor” sign. If you believe in TikTok videos, some students are breaking mirrors in the bathroom or doing extreme damage to the bathroom.

Stolen toilets, sinks, and broken fountains are also popular feeds in the video, but bathroom soap seems to be the most notorious item (perhaps for obvious reasons).

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‘Devious lick’ TikTok challenge causing headache for schools Source link ‘Devious lick’ TikTok challenge causing headache for schools

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