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DHEC investing 5 million dollars in organizations to push vaccine, fight misinformation – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-07-16 16:20:59 –

South Carolina Upstate (WSPA) – State health leaders plan to invest millions of dollars in reaching out to communities focused on educating residents about the COVID-19 vaccine. ..

After months of outreach efforts by state-wide vaccine advocates and health leaders, South Carolina has yet to reach herd immunity. However, Health and Environmental Management (DHEC) officials plan to invest in vaccine education efforts to combat false information and the decline in the number of vaccines.

DHEC health leaders raise awareness of the COVID-19 vaccine in the community about the “efficacy, safety and benefits” of the cCOVID-19 vaccine in order to get more people to be vaccinated by local trusted organizations. I want to penetrate it.

Leaders plan to invest $ 5 million in grants in up to 25 organizations across the state to mobilize and disseminate the facts about the vaccine.

Funding comes from funding that DHEC received from the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and recipients have the option to renew their funding up to three times over a total of two years.

Authorities will fund a six-month grassroots movement and community engagement.

“South Carolina is using this federal funding to ensure that people in rural areas, minorities or vulnerable communities need the information they need to make informed decisions about vaccines from people they know and trust. Information sharing is more important than ever, as cases and hospitalizations for COVID-19 are increasing in South Carolina and several other states. ” Dr. Brannon Traxler, director, said.

Authorities said none of the outreach initiatives included door-to-door visits to residents, but said they could receive direct mail with vaccine information or more signs on the road while driving. Stated.

Local health officials said access to factual information and resources was important, especially with the epidemic of highly contagious delta mutants.

Getting accurate information has always been difficult, and it has been there from the beginning. So many people are talking about it-it’s great, but it potentially leads to false information going out there. We want more healthcare providers to participate in the fight to get good information, “said Nick Davidson, Senior Deputy Public Health Adjutant at DHEC.

Applications for organizations considering participating in these outreach activities will be accepted until August 5. Davidson said he needed to apply an organization that was connected to the community and had a history of grassroots efforts. Click here to view the application.

DHEC investing 5 million dollars in organizations to push vaccine, fight misinformation Source link DHEC investing 5 million dollars in organizations to push vaccine, fight misinformation

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