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Columbia, South Carolina (WBTW) -A federal grant allows the South Carolina Department of Health and Environment (DHEC) to conduct free tests at schools and child care centers that detect the presence of lead in water. Exposure to lead can cause certain health effects, especially in children.

Approved under Federal Water Infrastructure Improvement (WIIN) Act for the State, The Lead Test in Drinking Water Grants for Schools and Childcare Programs is a voluntary program in which DHEC works with schools and childcare facilities to sample drinking and cooking water for lead. DHEC received a WIIN grant of $ 519,000 to improve drinking water for children in South Carolina.

Jennifer Hughes, assistant chief of the DHEC Water Department, said: “This WIIN grant opportunity is a free and convenient way to help schools and day care centers check the water and protect the health and well-being of the children they care for.”

Although DHEC regulates the state’s water system to ensure that water quality standards are met, lead is rarely included in drinking water as it leaves the treatment plant, and it is rarely found in schools, day care centers, or homes. If you have an old pipe with a lead-containing pipe in it, it will penetrate the drinking water instead. Or a component. Buildings built before 1986 are likely to contain lead pipes, fixtures and solder. Federal Safe Drinking Water Act 1986 Its lead-containing piping has begun to be restricted.

Through the WIIN grant, DHEC tests water coming out of drinking and cooking water taps in schools or child care centers. All services related to sample collection and lab analysis are provided free of charge, sample results are provided to the facility, DHEC WIIN web page.

“Since DHEC received WIIN funding in late 2019, more than 61 schools and child care centers have taken advantage of this important opportunity to sample drinking water.” Debra Boston, DHEC’s WIINGrant project manager, said. “Before the funding for this grant expires on September 30, 2022, we hope that more of the state schools and child care centers will contact us to sample the water. “

If lead is detected in the facility’s water sample, DHEC will notify the facility and provide information and resources on short-term and permanent management measures that the facility can take to address the lead problem. WIIN grants cannot be used for repairs, but DHEC and its partners are ready to provide technical assistance to quickly resolve lead issues.

South Carolina Department of Education, Department of Social Services, South Carolina, Clemson University, South Carolina Rural Water Association, local and municipal water utilities, and local health departments improve children’s drinking water throughout the state I have been working hard to implement this opportunity. ..

For more information on WIIN grants, please visit: www.scdhec.gov/WIINGrant.. Schools and nurseries that want to sample drinking and cooking water should contact Debra Boston (803-898-4214), DHEC’s WIIN Granted Project Manager. bostond@dhec.sc.gov.

Tips on how DHEC can help keep drinking water safe and how to reduce lead in water scdhec.gov/yourhome.

DHEC offers free testing for lead in drinking water at schools, child care centers Source link DHEC offers free testing for lead in drinking water at schools, child care centers

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