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DHEC releases new school guidance for 2021-2022 Academic Year – Valley Stream, New York

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South Carolina — The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Management (DHEC) has released COVID-19 Provisional Guidance for schools from kindergarten to high school prior to the 2021-202 academic year.

DHEC said the guidance reflects the latest COVID-19 trends and aims to protect the community, but it may change as the situation progresses. This follows a new increase in COVID cases nationwide.

As a recommendation, DHEC strongly recommends that everyone in the school wear a mask, especially if physical distance is not possible.

The agency also wants a distance of at least 3 feet between students.

However, the new recommendations include inconsistencies with recent legislation passed in South Carolina.

Earlier this month, state legislators passed a law banning schools and school districts from using state funds to request masks.After that, the State Department of Education Note He said state buses were included in the law.

Based on DHEC’s recommendations, DHEC states: “Regardless of the school’s mask policy or personal vaccination status, masks must be used on school buses and other public transport in accordance with federal CDC directives. The school system is this by students, staff and others. Appropriate measures must be taken to ensure compliance with the requirements. ”

Other important points are:

  • The school will work with local public health authorities, medical facilities and professionals to provide factual information and education about COVID-19 vaccination and to increase access to COVID-19 vaccine staff, students and families. It is highly recommended to coordinate the vaccine clinic for. Get vaccinated.
  • DHEC strongly recommends that everyone use a mask when indoors in a school environment, especially when physical distance is not available. Children under the age of 2, breathing problems, or those who cannot remove the face cover without assistance should not wear a mask. DHEC recognizes that masks cannot be required at SC General Assembly, but provides teachers, staff and parents with the following guidance:
  • The distance between each student should be maintained at least 3 feet as much as possible.
  • Case study and contact tracing are key strategies for identifying and isolating cases and testing and isolating close contacts to reduce infection.

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DHEC releases new school guidance for 2021-2022 Academic Year Source link DHEC releases new school guidance for 2021-2022 Academic Year

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